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Worlds 2023 Watch Drops: How To Claim Your Loot

Esports 10-10-2023 12:00

Once again, this year, there is free loot when you watch the LoL Worlds 2023.

Worlds 2023 Loot
Amumu and Annie are propably representing the western fans |© Riot Games

The Worlds are back in Korea! It is the pinnacle of League of Legends, although China is now challenging for the top position. Europe is semi in the running and NA… well, that’s not what this article is about. 

Instead, it’s about the rewards you can earn starting from October 10th until November 19th when the Worlds and the reward period end.

Worlds 2023: But How and When Do You Get the LoL Rewards?

You simply need to watch the Worlds on and log in with your Riot ID.

You have already seen some of the prizes in the image above: there will be emotes and icons as rewards, as well as the rewards for the Spring and Summer Splits. However, some rewards are based on the region you play in. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of cool prizes.

Each drop has instructions on how to redeem it. If they are in-game rewards, they will be credited to your account within 24 hours. If you even won merch, Riot will contact you within 30 days at the latest.

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Now you might be wondering when exactly you will receive the rewards. The drop times are random during gameplay, but you can get a drop if you watch a Pentakill or Quadrakill. You can also get one if a series goes to Silver Scrapes, which is when the fifth game of a BO5 is played.

Having Trouble With Receiving Them?

Worlds Drops 2
Emote on the right is you when you don't receive worlds drops |©Riot Games

Don’t worry if you don’t get any drops on a given day; that can happen. But you can also get multiple drops within a series if you’re lucky.

If you want to check whether you can receive drops, simply check whether there is a green checkmark next to “Rewards” on the page.

You don’t need a specific browser for rewards, but it’s recommended to watch Worlds without AdBlock, because it could suppress drops.

Additionally, it should be noted that some drops have a limited quantity. Therefore, it may happen that not all viewers receive a drop.

In case you receive an error message, you can contact Riot immediately for a solution.

That’s all for the "How To Receive Worlds Drops". I’m hyped and of course cheering on our Western teams.

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I've watched the full stream for at least 6 days now and I still haven't gotten any rewards at all...