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LoL: New Dragonmancer Skins – Everything You Need To Know

Skins 07-12-2023 15:00

Riot is heading into the year of the dragon with some new Dragonmancer skins. Which champions are going to be getting new looks this time around to kick off LoL Season 14? 

Dragonmancer Rakan Prestige
LoL Dragonmancer: Who is getting some new skins? | © Riot Games / Skin Spotlights

New Dragonmancer skins are coming to League of Legends! These skins are in celebration of the Year of the Dragon of the Lunar New Year. Of course, we were going to be getting some Dragon-themed cosmetics, but who would have thought that Riot would release new Dragonmancer skins? 

So, if these mythical skins are something you're interested in, then don't worry, we've got all the details for you right here. Who is going to be getting the prestige skin this time around? 

LoL Dragonmancer Skins: Champions And Costs

Fiora Dragonmancer
Fiora's skin looks amazing! | © Riot Games

Four champions are going to be getting Dragonmancer skins in this League of Legends update. One champ will also be receiving a prestige skin, though we do believe this won't be an event prestige, but instead one for purchase in the Mythic Shop with Mythic Essence. 

Skin NameChampionSkin TierCost
DrgaonmancerVayneEpic1350 RP
DragonmancerFioraEpic1350 RP
DragonmancerKassadinEpic1350 RP
DragonmancerRakanEpic1350 RP
Dragonmancer PrestigeRakanMythic1350 RP

This is going to be the second skin for Rakan without Xayah. She does have her Brave Phoenix skin though, so maybe the skins are somehow connected with the Dragonmancer universe in the future to bring the pair together? 

Fiora and Vayne fit into this AU, while Kassadin does feel a bit random, but with Kai'Sa being a part of this skin line it could be interesting to explore their father/daughter relationship in a different light as well. 

Release Date For Upcoming Dragonmancer Skins In LoL

Dragonmancer Kassadin
Kassadin and Kai'Sa will finally have a skin in matching AU's. | © Riot Games

These skins are going to be the first skins in LoL Season 14 and the first ones for 2024 as well. They will be released with Patch 14.1, which should come out on January 9, 2024. You can expect the skins to be made available a day after the patch drops, so on January 10. 

We haven't gotten any news on the upcoming dragon champion, but if 2024 already started off with some dragon skins, then we can expect the new champ to be released soon as well... right? Or is that just some hopium on my part?

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