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Get Ready For Red Bull "League of Its Own" In Berlin | Sponsored

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Red Bull is saving League of Legends from the off-season blues with their upcoming event "League of Its Own". So, what is the format and which teams can we expect? 

Red bull league of its own
Red Bull League of Its Own: T1 is coming to Germany! | © Red Bull

League of Legends is one of the biggest multiplayer games on the planet, with one of the biggest esports communities to boot. With Worlds 2023 over, there is nothing to watch right now, but thankfully Red Bull, along with sponsors like Kia have your back.

Coming to Berlin is the Red Bull “League of Its Own” which will feature multiple top esports orgs from Europe, all facing off against the League of Legends World Champions – T1. So, what exactly is Red Bull League of Its Own?

Red Bull League of Its Own: Participating Teams

T1 Worlds 2023
T1 is coming to Germany. | © Riot Games

Participating in the event are multiple teams from Germany, Spain and France, with special guest T1 from South Korea. Not only will T1 be present with their full Worlds 2023 winning roster, but other popular teams from the EMEA region will be featured as well.

German fans can be especially excited to find out that BIG, Eintracht Spandau and NNO Old will be participating in the event alongside LEC teams like Team Heretics, Karmine Corp and G2 Esports.

T1 will be playing a series of show-matches against the above-mentioned teams, with each game getting more difficult, due to bans getting stacked up. But it isn’t just T1 and the other teams that will be a part of the games, but sponsors will also be there with various on-site activations.

The Kia EV9* will also be at the event.. | © Kia

The Kia EV9* is also going to be featured at the event as well, just like it was at the 2023 LEC Finals in Montpellier. Fans will be able to get a first-hand look at the German Luxury Car of the Year 2024, since it’ll be presented in the middle of the Velodrom.

League of Its Own Format

The format is simple BIG and Eintracht Spandau will be playing the first match to see who gets to face off against T1. The winner will move on to play against the World Champions in a best-of-1 match.

G2 Caps at 2023 LEC Season Finals by Michal Konkol
G2 wird auch bei dem Event sein. | © Riot Games

Throughout the "tournament" bans will stack up for T1, meaning that the champions Eintracht Spandau or BIG – depending on who wins the first match – choose against T1 will continue to be banned throughout the rest of the series.

T1 will also face off against NNO Old in the next round, then move on to play against Karmine Corp later and Team Heretics before the grand-finale against G2 Esports. The match between T1 and G2 Esports will be the only one where the bans do not stack for the World Champions.

Red Bull League of Its Own Livestream And Date

Red Bull League of Its Own is just around the corner, taking place on December 9, 2023. There are multiple streamer personalities at the event, with Caedrel being the only on-site English co-streamer.

You can also follow the action from the official Red Bull Twitch and YouTube page. How do you think these amateur teams will do against the World Champions?

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