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LoL Devs Admit They Keep Zed Weak On Purpose

News 01-12-2023 15:33

Zed is one of the most annoying champions in LoL, and it isn't just the community that thinks so – the devs also agree! 

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LoL: Zed is so annoying and the devs agree. | © Riot Games

There are some League of Legends champions that everyone just collectively hates, other than the community that mains them. One of the most frustrating champions is definitely Zed, who hovers between 20 and 30% when it comes to his ban rate. 

Recently, on stream, Lead Designer on League of legends, Riot August, revealed that the balance team is keeping the champion weak because of how frustrating he is, and it doesn't look like there is going to be anything that the community can do to try and get the balance team to buff him. 


LoL: Everyone Hates Zed, Even The Balance Team

Riot August talked about Zed on his most recent stream, after a viewer asked him to buff the champion, since he is extremely weak currently. In response, August only stated that the champion is weak for a reason and that he is not going to be buffed anytime soon. 

Zed must be kept weak because he is the most frustrating champion in League of Legends. And so for all of eternity Zed will probably be slightly weaker than he should be, because of how often he is banned.

Basically, Zed is being kept weak to keep him from being over-banned by players. Since a large part of the community does not like playing against him, they will ban him and thus, his ban rate could shoot up extremely high if he is strong. 

Seriously, even now as a C-tier mid laner he's still got a 20% ban rate on and that ban rate has been much higher in Season 13 already. So, to make sure that his ban rate isn't too high, the balance team has to make some sacrifices and that is going to be his kit and how strong it is. 

Similarly, Riot also has to balance other champions around pro-play to make sure that some champions aren't OP in pro-play, and therefore they're weak in solo queue. Ryze or Azir are examples like this, who receive a single small AP buff and then become OP in professional play, so Riot decides to keep them weak in solo queue. 

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