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LoL: T1 Reveal Roster For 2024 Season

News 23-11-2023 11:56

T1 have just announced their roster for the 2024 League of Legends season and fans couldn't be more excited. 

Worlds 2023 T1 summoners cup
LoL: T1 have just revealed which players are coming back for 2024. | © Riot Games

T1 just won the 2023 League of Legends World Championship after an insane run through the 2023 Worlds playoffs. They managed to beat every single LPL team, playing every game, other than the finals, as the underdog and managing to take home the Summoner's Cup. 

After the win, though, questions started to arise whether all five players would come back in 2024. On November 23, T1 finally put all questions to rest by announcing their complete 2023 League of Legends roster. 

LoL: T1 Announce Complete Roster For Next Season

Zeus MVP Worlds finals trophy
Whether Zeus would re-sign was the big question mark. | © Riot Games

T1 had two confirmed players for the 2024 season with mid laner Faker and jungler Oner still being contracted to the org. Heading into the off-season though there were a lot of questions surrounding the roster, especially after multiple players had hinted at a change in players going into 2024. 

T1 made the official announcement on November 23, 2023 though that Zeus, Gumayusi and Keria would all re-sign for one more year with the org to try and run it back. The team is still missing an MSI trophy together anyways, right? 

It seemed that teams from all over the world were trying to get their hands on the star players, with Zeus reported to be taking a huge pay cut just to stay on T1. Roster leaker HanYi, who has revealed a lot of trades previously, revealed that Zeus would be earning 50% less on T1 than he was offered by some LPL teams. 

Going into the 2024 season, T1 is looknig to run it back, this time with former head coach kkOma at the helm, as well as World Championship coach Tom by the side of the players. Will this team be able to achieve the golden road in 2024? 

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