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LoL: New Heavenscale 2024 Skins – Everything You Need To Know

Skins 12-01-2024 12:00

It's time to check out what new LoL skins will be heading to the rift soon. You can get excited for some sweet new Lunar New Year Skins with Heavenscale in 2024.

Heavenscale Smolder
Heavenscale will be the first skin line for 2024. | © Riot Games

Heavenscale is the brand-new skin line for 2024. It features heavy influence from western culture and is right in time for the Lunar New Year Celebrations. 

So, which champions will be getting skins, and how much are these skins going to cost? That's what we're going to look at, because these skins don't come around every day.

LoL Heavenscale 2024 Skins: All Confirmed Champions & Cost

Heavenscale Lee Sin
This skin will come with an expensive Mythic Variant. | © Riot Games

All the champions getting Heavenscale skins have been revealed. We already knew some of these because Riot has showed some Art in their 2024 Preview Video. That's why we knew beforehand that Ezreal would be getting a Prestige skin too.

Skin NameChampionCost
HeavenscaleLee Sin1820 RP
Divine HeavenscaleLee SinMythic Variant ($200 Gacha)


1350 RP
Heavenscale PrestigeEzreal 2000 Tokens
HeavenscaleMaster Yi1350 RP
HeavenscaleDiana1350 RP
HeavenscaleJanna1350 RP
HeavenscaleSmolder1350 RP
Heavenscale Ezreal Prestige
The Ezreal Prestige looks amazing. | © Riot Games

Since Riot still thinks that Mythic Variants are a great addition to the game, they are straight up releasing 2 of the same skins at once. Back in the days this would be a double legendary bundle (or a Chroma) and the price for the bundled other skin would be reduced if you own one of them. Nowadays, Riot is looking out for the big spenders, and these cash grab skins are apparently exactly what they want.

Unfortunately, Riot doesn't do Mythic Chromas anymore. It was a great system with amazing changes for amazing skins, but they are only 40 ME instead of 200 bucks. In general, this skin line is a great contrast to the previous Lunar New Year Skins. The white works really well with the small notches of Jade and makes them look really majestic.

It will also be the release skin for everyone's favorite new champion Smolder.

Release Date for Upcoming Heavenscale Skins in LoL

Heavenscale Diana 1
Diana will also be getting a new skin. | © Riot Games

These skins are all going to be released with LoL Patch 14.3, so make sure to get your wallets ready. 

Will There Be A Heavenscale Event?

Since Dragonmancer will only be a Showcase Event and Lunar New Year is quite a big Event, we assume that there will be a Heavenscale event with the release of the skins. The assets for boxes and the other loot items have already been leaked, so it is basically confirmed.

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