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LoL: Smite Is Getting Updated To Help New Junglers

Patch Notes 03-11-2023 16:10

The summoner spell Smite is finally getting a much-needed upgrade so new players can get into learning jungle far sooner than before. 

Cosmic Nidalee
LoL: Riot is making adjustments to smite. | © Riot Games

Jungle has to be one of the most difficult roles in League of Legends. To be able to play in the jungle, you need map awareness, as well as a good game sense. This is something you garner the longer you play League of Legends and therefore Riot has been gatekeeping the role behind the Summoner Spell for a while. 

 Now, Riot is going to be changing the Smite unlock level and lowering it drastically. This also means that newer players will be able to choose the role. 

LoL: Riot Changes Level Unlock For Smite

Smite has been available for anyone level 9 or up throughout the last few years. This is being lowered to level 3 instead, in hopes of making the role more accessible to players. This has been a change many have been asking for, for a long time and now it's finally becoming a reality. 

This change will enable new players to start learning how to jungle almost as soon as they start playing the game. Of course, this could also end in disaster, with some players picking the role without being sure what it truly does, but it is a necessary change. 

Death Blossom Elise
Now you can master Elise a little sooner! | © Riot Games

Riot have recently also revealed that they will be making adjustments to the AI bots which players can go up against, making them more 'lifelike' and even adding in that they can jungle. This means that even in the 5v5 AI bot games teams might need a jungler, unlike before where teams often played a 2-1-2 match. 

Therefore, unlocking Smite at an earlier stage is almost a must, since players won't be able to counter jungle against the bots in those games. 

This change has been celebrated by the League of Legends community, with many praising the change, though a lot of players still wonder why runes, as well as summoner spells are even locked behind levels. This is mostly due to keep players from feeling overwhelmed when they first start, with too many options. 

For now we will have to live with this change to Smite, but the future Riot might remove all level barriers for things like Summoner Spells. 

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