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Riot Please Delete Wukong From League of Legends

Champions 04-11-2023 11:30

There are some champions in the game that are just annoying to play against, boring to play oneself and some that just destroy the entire experience on Summoner's Rift. Wukong is one that does all three, so it's time we delete him. 

Riot please delete Wukong right now! | © Riot Games

Sometimes Riot releases champions that are just fun to play while also having a steep learning curve. There are also champions that are simple to pick up, but still include a lot of skill expression. But then there are also the most boring champions that just frustrate everyone involved and one of those champions is Wukong. 

So, what should we do with these awful champions? Well the best option would be just to delete them. You know like Yuumi or even Viego. Get rid of these guys right now and let's be real, Wukong is also on that list. 

Reasons To Delete Wukong From League of Legends

Wukong's Ultimate Is The Worst In The Game

General wukong
Does this guy have any good skins? | © Riot Games

Now while most of Wukong's abilities are fine, his ultimate is the worst thing on the entire planet. Who thought this up when they were designing a champion? Granted, he was released all the way back in 2011, so he isn't the most complex, but that ultimate is still a sin to the game. 

Not only does it scale with 550% AD and 32% of your target's max HP, but he can use it twice and his clone can use it twice as well. How is anyone supposed to get away from this? Exactly, no one. The moment you press R it's over for the enemies, making it feel frustrating and unfun to play against. Not to mention the dashes in his kit which makes it quite easy for him to reach the backline of any fight. 

You Cannot Win Trades Against Wukong

Radiant Wukong Art
The only Wukong skin that matters. | © Riot Games

Wukong is a lane bully. He's the type of champion that will just take over the lane with one single skirmish. Whether it's a long fight or a short little trade, Wukong will likely come out on top no matter his opponents. With his Q - Crushing Blow and E -  Nimbus Strike combo he's able to win out in any short trade. Have you seen the damage? 

Not only that, but longer trades are also a breeze for Wukong, meaning the Vastaya will come out on top in those as well thanks to his passive, with which he gains bonus armor and bonus health regen throughout fights. Add in the clone and he's going to come out on top in any trade. Disgusting get this out of here! 

Wukong Is Boring To Play 

Now Wukong isn't just awful to play against, but he's also awful to play yourself. With a pick rate of 0.6% in the top lane and 1.7% in the jungle it's safe to say that this champion is not very popular. Compare that to either K'Sante who has a 14% pick rate in the top lane or Lee Sin who sits comfortably at 16%, you know there is something that Wukong is missing. 

The thing he is missing is skill expression and wow-moments. Wukong has a super simple kit but he isn't the type of champion that will make you or the enemy team go 'wow that was some great skill expression'. Instead, you completely ignore any and all plays the guy makes because they just aren't memorable. 

Wukong Is A Rip-Off 

Wukong is a rip-off off the one true champion, Monkey King, from the best MOBA in the world – DOTA 2. This was mentioned by our co-worker from our sister site MobileMatters, but let's be real what does a mobile gamer even know, eh? 

So there you have it, the main reasons why Wukong should be deleted from League of Legends. Or well... at the least given an Art and Sustainability update, because his model needs some work at least. 

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What are you talking about? Dota 2 is the rip off of league, Wukong existed in league for like 5 years before he came out in Dota 2. Plus, in case you didn't know... League of Legends was created with those that made the original Dota on Warcraft. Valve years later bought the rights to the name DOTA or something like it.