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LoL: New Winterblessed 2023 Skins - Everything You Need To Know

Skins 21-11-2023 15:43

It's time to check out what new LoL skins will be heading to the rift soon. You can get excited for some sweet new Winterblessed skins in 2023. 

Winterblessed Hecarim
LoL Winterblessed skins: Hwei is going to be one of the champions getting skins. | © Riot Games

Winterblessed is making a return in 2023, with Riot adding in new skins, as well as bringing the event to life right after the LoL Worlds 2023 event in the game client. 

So, which champions will be getting skins, and how much are these skins going to cost? That's what we're going to look at, because these legacy skins don't come around every day, so you should get them now, before the next winter event! 

LoL Winterblessed 2023 Skins: All Confirmed Champions & Cost

Winterblessed Hwei splash
Hwei looks so good. | © Riot Games

All of the champions getting Winterblessed skins have been revealed. Some of them we knew about before like Camille who was confirmed to get a Winterblessed skin, due to her being the final champion with a Prestige in 2023

Skin NameChampionCost
WinterblessedCamille1350 RP
Winterblessed PrestigeCamille2000 Tokens
WinterblessedSylas1350 RP
WinterblessedThresh1350 RP
WinterblessedSenna1820 RP
WinterblessedLucian1350 RP
WinterblessedHwei1350 RP
WinterblessedAnnie1350 RP
WinterblessedHecarim1350 RP

Senna will be getting a legendary skin, while the rest are just epic skins. This is going to be Senna's second legendary skin and honestly, it looks amazing, so we can't even be mad about the blatant favoritism Riot is showing. 

Release Date for Upcoming Winterblessed Skins in LoL

Camille Winterblessed Prestige
Camille is going to be getting a beautiful prestige skin. | © Riot Games

These skins are all going to be released with LoL Patch 13.24, so make sure to get your wallets ready, because you can purchase them after December 6, 2023 when the patch goes live. 

This is going to be the final patch of the year, with the Winterblessed skins the last ones as well. There is going to be an in-game event as well so you can pick up the event prestige. 

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