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With the start of worlds 2023, we will get a new in-game event.

LoL Worlds 2023 Event: Everything You Need To Know

News 06-10-2023 12:30

Worlds started on Monday and we are hyped. If you want to plunge into the Rift like Caps, Fudge, and everyone else, you will also get a reward this year. Here is what you need to know.

Worlds 2023 renekton
The new skin for Worlds. | © Riot Games

The sounds of "GODS" echo in your ears, with a confident grin you press the play button. The ranked climb can begin. Time to give it your all; Baron calls, split pushing, 1v5 Penta. In the end, you still lose. But your efforts will not be in vain.

On October 11, 2023, at 11:00 am PT, the new in-game event for Worlds will start. You will have until November 27 at 11:59 am PT to collect your rewards. The missions also start and stop at the same times.

If you are still considering whether to buy the pass, you have until December 4 at 11:00 am PT before the shop closes at 1:00 pm PT.

Worlds 2023 Pass and Bundle

If you want to reward yourself for the mental breakdown in SoloQ, you can buy the Worlds 2023 Pass for 1650 RP, which gives you 200 Tokens, four Worlds 2023 Orbs, and the premium Worlds 2023 Pass rewards. This way, you will have access to all missions.

Alternatively, you can also get the Worlds 2023 Pass Bundle for 1000 RP more. This bundle includes all the contents of the normal pass, as well as the champion Akali, her new Coven skin, and the Coven Akali Border and Icon.

If you still can’t get enough of Coven Akali, you can get all Coven Akali Chromas and Renekton’s “Lavish Brutality” emote for an additional 1000 RP.

The Worlds 2023 Event Also Helps Your Favorite Pros

When you buy Worlds 2023 items, your favorite teams also get a share of the revenue:

  • Worlds 2023 Pass Bundle: 25% of the revenue
  • Worlds 2023 Premium Pass Bundle: 50% of the revenue
  • Worlds 2023 Renekton: 25% of the revenue
  • Worlds 2023 Team Icons / Emotes: 100% of the revenue

Worlds 2023 Pass Rewards

As soon as the event starts, you will automatically make progress through your games. If you don’t want to buy the pass, there are of course some rewards for free.

However, if you buy the pass, you can get a total of 2200 tokens. In addition, there are emotes, mythic essence, masterwork chests and other goodies.

If you want Prestige Coven Akali, you can get it with 2000 tokens.

Worlds Renekton mit Chromas
Worlds 2023 Renekton with Chromas |©SkinSpotlights

Coven Bundle

Starting from 1 pm PT on November 8, 2023, you can also buy a Coven Mega Bundle for 14,594 RP.

This bundle includes the following skins with their respective borders:

  • Worlds 2023 Renekton
  • Coven Akali
  • Coven Nami
  • Coven Elise
  • Coven Nilah
  • Coven Syndra
  • Old God Mordekaiser

Chromas for these skins can be purchased for 290 RP each, but of course, they are included in the bundle. However, the Ruby Chroma can only be purchased with the bundle.

Worlds Team Icons

With the Worlds 2023 Icon Bundle, you can support your favorite teams as all purchases go 100% to them.

A special feature this year is that when you equip a team icon, the team tag will also be displayed before your summoner name. However, this only happens while the event is live.

Worlds 2023 Grab Bag & Worlds 2023 Exclusive Pack

In a Grab Bag, there is either 1 Skin Shard worth 1350 RP or less or 2 Skin Shards worth 975 RP or more. As a bonus chance, there is a 10% chance of getting 2 Skin Shards worth 975 RP or more, or a 5.4% chance of getting 10 Mythic Essence.

In the Exclusive Pack, there are either 3 Skin Shards that cost 1350 RP or less, 4 Skin Shards that cost 975 RP or more, or 4 Permanent Skins of any value. However, the chance for the latter is only 1%. As a bonus, there is a 5.4% chance of getting the 10 Mythic Essence.

You can also get additional event tokens and directly purchase your desired content through the following bundles:

  • Worlds 2023 Orb Bundle: 1 Orb + 16 Tokens
  • Worlds 2023 Deluxe Orb Bundle: 11 Orbs + 160 Tokens
  • Worlds 2023 Premium Orb Bundle: 25 Orbs + 1 Grab Bag + 400 Tokens
  • Worlds 2023 Mega Orb Bundle: 50 Orbs, 2 Grab Bags, Worlds Exclusive Pack + 800 Tokens


The following offers can be enjoyed with your tokens:

  • Coven Akali (Prestige) + Icon - 2000 Tokens
  • Unannounced skin, coming soon! (Prestige) - 2000 Tokens
  • Coven Akali (Profane Chroma + Icon) - 300 Tokens
  • Coven Akali (Border + Icon) - 250 Tokens
  • Coven Nami (Profane Chroma + Icon) - 300 Tokens
  • Coven Nami (Border + Icon) - 250 Tokens
  • Coven Elise (Profane Chroma + Icon) - 300 Tokens
  • Coven Elise (Border + Icon) - 250 Tokens
  • Coven Nilah (Profane Chroma + Icon) - 300 Tokens
  • Coven Nilah (Border + Icon) - 250 Tokens
  • Coven Syndra (Profane Chroma + Icon) - 300 Tokens
  • Coven Syndra (Border + Icon) - 250 Tokens
  • Worlds 2023 Renekton (Border + Icon) - 250 Tokens

Otherwise, you can of course buy random champion shards, keys, blue essence, etc. with the tokens.

  • Have you already made your Pick'Ems? There are also rewards here!

Nexus Blitz is coming back!

Starting from October 24, Nexus Blitz will finally be available again. In my opinion, it is the best game mode and I will definitely spend some time there until it closes its doors again on November 27.

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