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LoL: The Worst Skins and Champions For Colorblind Players

Skins 22-12-2023 16:29

We'll cover the most annoying champions and skins for colorblind players

Taric Emerald
Red-green colorblindness: The worst skins and champion. | © Riot Games

League of Legends can be rough sometimes, but even rougher for colorblind people who can't differentiate between certain colors very well. And since we got tons of skins and champions in League, some are real nightmare. Even the newest Winterblessed Hwei is no exception. 

But before I get started, keep in mind that I'll focus on red-green colorblindness since it's more common than other versions. 

Skins That Are Nightmares For Colorblind People

Zombie Brand

Zombie brand
A classic. | © Riot Games

Surprise, surprise. We start off with a green skin. Zombie Brand is an OG Skin and a classic. In general, it's a great skin with cool animations and a sick dance with a Micheal Jackson reference. Just iconic. 

However, even if this might be one of the best Brand skins, it's probably one of the worst for colorblind people. All his abilities are literally green and blend very well into each other since there is no big difference visually. And on top of that, he's all green himself.

Elementalist Lux (Nature)

Elementalist Lux Nature Dailymotion
She blends just perfectly in the environment of Summoner's Rift. | © Riot Games/Dailymotion

Next in line, we got... a green skin! Who would've thought! No, but seriously. Elementalist Lux is by far the best Ultimate skin in LoL, including a giant collection of 10 different forms in one skins. And with it, obviously a green nature version.

Just like Brand, Elementalist Lux in her nature form and the environment of Summoner's Rift perfectly blend into each other, making it difficult to see her cast animations. Not only that, but all of her abilities, except her R, are projectiles that she can throw from a far distance, making it extra tough for colorblind people to distinguish her Q, W and E spell.

Infernal Vel'Koz

Infernal Vel Koz
| © Riot Games

The Infernal skin lineup has a bunch of awesome fiery skins, and Infernal Vel'Koz is definitely one of them.

Just like Elementalist Lux, his basic abilities all kinda look the same because they're all ranged spells with a similar animation. This can be a real struggle for folks who are colorblind, especially when using his spells together.

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And even though it's a red-themed skin, it doesn't change much for people with red-green colorblindness, since those colors look pretty similar to them anyway.

On the flip side, even folks like me who don't have colorblindness might have a tough time telling apart the previous skins I mentioned. But that's not an issue with skins like Infernal Vel'Koz, which mix things up with different colors.

Horrible Default Champions For People With Red-Green Colorblindness


Singed Poison
Never chase a Singed! | © Riot Games

First, let's talk about the eccentric chemist from Zaun. The issue this time isn't with Singed himself, but with the green color of his abilities.

When it comes to battling his foes, his activated poison ability, Q, is absolutely crucial. And we're all familiar with one of the oldest rules in the League of Legends playbook: "Never chase a Singed." However, what if he's sprinting away with just 1 HP, you're in hot pursuit, and then BAM! Suddenly, you find yourself eliminated simply because you couldn't spot his Q ability the entire time due to your colorblindness.

Now, I'm not saying you'll instantly keel over when you step into his poison. But it's undeniably frustrating to contend with, especially when you're dealing with colorblindness on top of it all.


Zyra no skin HD
She is nature herself. How are you supposed to see her?! | © Riot Games

Last but not least, let's discuss "the lady made of plants," or at least that's how Milio would describe her. She's a unique hybrid of plant and human, manipulating her surroundings to her advantage. But much like Singed, the issue isn't with Zyra herself, as she has more of a pinkish color than a green one.

The problem lies in her abilities. And she might just be the worst offender in this regard: Zyra deploys vines, thorns, and seeds to engage on her enemies. The catch? Riot decided it was a brilliant idea to seamlessly integrate her abilities into the Summoner's Rift environment. 

Now, don't get me wrong! From a lore perspective, it totally makes sense. However, when it comes to gameplay, it's not only a nightmare for colorblind folk but also for those with regular vision.

This might be some of the worst skins and champions for people with reed-green colorblindness, based on friends of mine. You can totally use these tricks to your advantage in ranked games or just mess around with your buddies. But hey, at least don't be toxic, because that's just not cool, lol. I'm not an expert in colorblindness, so tell me in the comments below if you agree or disagree with this list and share your thoughts!

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