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LoL: Faker Is So Famous Even Kpop Stars Are Smitten

News 21-12-2023 15:47

Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok is a celebrity, especially in his home country of South Korea, but who would have thought he is so famous that even  Kpop stars admire him. 

Faker worlds 2023 finals
LoL: Faker makes even the most famous people look up to him. | © Riot Games

In South Korea, Faker is a household name. Esports is also much more respected than in the west and after T1, the biggest esports brand in the world, won the World Championship on home soil, everyone has wanted a piece of the team. 

Recently, the five-man roster filmed an episode of Knowing Bros, which has some of the most famous South Korean hosts in it. One of them is none other than Kim Heechul, a famous Kpop singer from the group Super Junior. 

LoL: Faker And T1 Make Veteran TV Personalities Nervous

For the episode, the T1 members came to the set of Knowing Bros. to film. After the filming concluded, a few snapshots of images from the guys made it to the internet and famous Korean pop star Heechul also expressed his emotions with an Instagram post. 

He wrote that he "was actually a little nervous during the recording since he likes T1 so much". He also made a few comments about all the players and how they were during the filming of the episode. 

He wrote that the guys were a lot of fun to work with and that Oner is actually a very good singer. Of course, he also added on that Faker is still Faker. The two have met before on various occasions, with Faker being on television before alongside Heechul. 

The singer posted another story as well, in which he showed a photo of Hodong, one of the hosts from the show, taking a picture with the T1 members, explaining that in the 9-years that the show has been going this is the first time he's seen Hodong and Janghoon – another cast member of Knowing Bros – take pictures with a guest. 

It's just crazy to see how big T1 and the players are in South Korea. Imagine G2 Esports on one of the most popular talk-shows in North America or Europe... yeah, it would never happen, eh? 

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