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LoL: ARAM Discussion Sparked – Should The Mode Be More Competitive?

News 20-12-2023 15:58

ARAM is the only game mode consistently part of the League of Legends client. As Riot is currently on vacation, some of the Rioters are heading to Twitter/X to ask players their opinions. 

Howling Abyss
LoL: Will ARAM be more competitive in 2024? | © Riot Games

ARAM is the one game mode that players can fall back on when they're sick and tired of Summoner's Rift. With some unique and fun gameplay. Throughout 2023 the balance team also started to make some buffs and nerfs in the game mode, giving it more attention. 

Now, Riot Pupulasers, went to Twitter/X to ask the ARAM community, whether they feel that the mode is too repetitive and asking for suggestions on what could be improved. 

LoL: Do Players Want More Competitive ARAMs? 

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More fun game modes! | © Riot Games

ARAM is the one for-fun game mode we've got in League of Legends. It was brought to League of Legends back in 2012 and has been a part of the client since then. With the removal of other game modes like Dominion and Twisted Treeline it's the only permanent game mode to survive this far. 

Now, Riot is eyeing the game mode to see whether some improvements can be made to make the games more exciting. While in 2022 the team tried to add in some variance with tower rubble, the idea was quickly scrapped due to player feedback, but it at least shows that Riot is willing to make some changes and adjustments. 

Riot Pupulasers asked players on Twitter/X whether they believe that every ARAM is different enough and whether there should be some form of objectives to incentivize players. He also asked players whether they want the mode to be a bit more competitive. 

Judging by the feedback on social media, competitiveness is not something players are looking for when it comes to ARAM. Instead, players feel that the mode should be more whacky and fun, since Summoner's Rift is already hyper-competitive. 

Players also hate how some champions are overbuffed in ARAM and want Riot to look into the game balance of specific champions in 2024. One small quality of life change many have also asked for, already throughout the 2023 season, is some form of visual indicator in champ select to know their champions buffs and nerfs in ARAM. 

So, hopefully, Riot won't make ARAM any more competitive, but that they do work on the balance of the champions in the mode. But it'll still be a while until we find out what Riot has planned for this game mode. 

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I love the competitive ARAM that is only found on the rare Clash-ARAM. I'd be very happy if they made Clash-ARAM more often. Maybe have a weekly Thursday-Friday Clash-ARAM, so we can get our fill of a fun and competitive mode.