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Exploring The Latest Meta In Korean Challenger SoloQ: Strategies And Trends Dominating The Highest Ranks

Esports 22-12-2023 11:33

T1 just won worlds and Korea is back on top again. It's interesting to note that the champion selection at this level is quite different from what we see in Gold Elo. While we're getting stomped by Garens, Korea's best players have a different approach to the game. In this article, we'll show you what the cream of the crop are playing and winning their SoloQ games with.

Faker worlds 2023 semi finals
What are the picks the Korean Elite plays? | © Riot Games

Korean SoloQ is all about early aggression and showcasing individual skill, and this is clearly reflected in their champion picks. Some of these champs, well, you might not want to see them in your SoloQ, or maybe you actually don't see them at all. For instance, the most played support in Korea is only the 16th most played champ in global Emerald+ SoloQ.

Top Lane

Top 3: Aatrox

Victorious aatrox
Top 3 Korean Challenger Top Lane: Aatrox | © Riot Games

Win Rate: 58.33%

Pick Rate: 27.76%

A classic on the top lane and in competitive play. Aatrox is hugely popular in Korean Challenger, being a solid blind pick and capable of winning nearly any lane through skill.

Top 2: Gragas

Hillbilly Gragas
Top 2 Korean Challenger Top Lane: Gragas | © Riot Games

Win Rate: 59.46%

Pick Rate: 9.17%

After receiving buffs, Gragas can now survive nearly any lane with his new sustain, making him a solid weakside toplaner. Plus, he's also a strong skill champ with his ultimate ability.

Top 1: Rumble

Cafe Cuties Rumble
Top 1 Korean Challenger Top Lane: Rumble | © Riot Games

Win Rate: 60.32%

Pick Rate: 20.40%

Rumble is an extremely potent lane bully and can completely take over the game once he gets a lead.


Top 3: Lee Sin

Legendary Lee sin lol
Top 3 Korean Challenger Jungle: Lee Sin | © Riot Games

Win Rate: 57.44%

Pick Rate: 42.72%

Lee Sin's high win rate in Korean challenger is no surprise. He's the epitome of skill expression and early game dominance, which is incredibly important and effective in Korean challenger.

Top 2: Nidalee

Nidalee 8
Top 2 Korean Challenger Jungle: Nidalee | © Riot Games

Win Rate: 60.87%

Pick Rate: 15.90%

Nidalee is another example of a high skill cap, snowballing champ. And, just for the record, Jankos isn't playing in Korean SoloQ.

Top 1: Taliyah

Freljord Taliyah
Top 1 Korean Challenger Jungle: Taliyah | © Riot Games

Win Rate: 66.87%

Pick Rate: 11.27%

Taliyah is a somewhat unexpected first place, but she's currently outperforming Nidalee.

Mid Lane

Top 3: Neeko

Bewitching Neeko
Top 3 Mid Challenger Jungle Lane: Neeko | © Riot Games

Win Rate: 57.52%

Pick Rate: 9.80%

Faker has shown some incredible plays on Neeko in competitive play. She also fits the Korean style of early aggression quite well.

Top 2: Jayce

Forsaken Jayce
Top 2 Korean Challenger Mid Lane: Jayce | © Riot Games

Win Rate: 62.20%

Pick Rate: 10.51%

Jayce is one of the top AD mid laners, known for his scaling and high skill cap.

Top 1: Twisted Fate

Worlds Twisted Fate
Top 1 Korean Challenger Mid Lane: Twisted Fate | © Riot Games

Win Rate: 64.91%

Pick Rate: 7.31%

Twisted Fate has been climbing the ranks with his Blue Card one-shot build. He's also pretty solid in average SoloQ ranks and definitely worth picking up.

Bot Lane

Top 3: Kalista

Blood Moon Kalista skin
Top 3 Korean Challenger ADC Lane: Kalista | © Riot Games

Win Rate: 57.43%

Pick Rate: 23.28%

Kalista really suits the early game aggression style of Korean soloQ quite well.

Top 2: Varus

Arclight Varus
Top 2 Korean Challenger ADC Lane: Varus | © Riot Games

Win Rate: 57.53%

Pick Rate: 39.77%

Varus is currently the most popular ADC thanks to recent buffs. He's a real powerhouse and remains effective even when behind.

Top 1: Draven

Top 1 Korean Challenger ADC Lane: Draven | © Riot Games

Win Rate: 62.26%

Pick Rate: 10.58%

Draven is the absolute prime example of a high-skill, aggressively dominant early game champion.


Top 3: Pyke

Empyrean Pyke
Top 3 Korean Challenger Support: Pyke | © Riot Games

Win Rate: 58.33%

Pick Rate: 14.84%

Pyke is yet another high-skill, early game powerhouse who really shines in Korean SoloQ.

Top 2: Renata Glasc

Admiral Renata
Top 2 Korean Challenger Support: Renata Glasc | © Riot Games

Win Rate: 59.40%

Pick Rate: 19.35%

Renata is a perfect counter to heavy divers and early game champions. Plus, she's extremely effective against Pyke.

Top 1: Ashe

Top 1 Korean Challenger Support: Ashe | © Riot Games

Win Rate: 60.77%

Pick Rate: 22.62%

Ashe might come as a surprise, but she tops the charts both in pick and win rates. She almost always secures lane priority and is a formidable lane bully with excellent skill expression.

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