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LoL: Upcoming Faerie Court Skins Leaked

Skins 29-04-2024 16:40

Some upcoming League of Legends skins have leaked and players couldn't be more excited. 

Faerie Court Fiora
LoL: The new Faerie Court skins have leaked! | © Riot Games

Faerie Court was first introduced in 2023 and became an instant hit. The legendary Karma skin, as well as the epic Kalista skin, were two of the most sold throughout the year. So it comes as no surprise to know that riot is coming back to this universe in 2024. 

One skin was shown in a teaser earlier already, which confirmed Soraka as one of the upcoming Faerie Court champions, but now more skins have leaked online, and they work so well with the concept. 

LoL: Three Faerie Court Champions Leaked

While Soraka was known already by the community, it seems that three more champions have leaked. According to well known leaker, BigBadBear, Lux, Lilia and Tristana will also be getting Faerie Court skins in 2024.

Faerie Court Katarina Prestige
This is one of the best splash arts in the entire game. | © Riot Games

The leak for Tristana comes from a trusted source by BigBadBear, who is known for his accurate information. Therefore, we can presume that Tristana is very likely to be a part of the bunch. On the other hand, the Lux and Lilia leaks come from a slightly less reliable source in China. While BigBadBear has explained that he does think the skins will be included, the skin concepts found online might not be 100% accurate. 

We also don't know which Faerie Court the skins will be associated to, but it is believed that Tristana could be part of the Fall Court, like Kalista was. Soraka could likely be part of the Spring Court. 

The Faerie Court skins will be making their way to live servers with LoL Patch 14.10, which is set to drop on May 15, 2024. Whether there are more than the four aforementioned skins that will come with the patch is yet to be seen, but the PBE for this cycle should go out on April 30, and then we will know more. 

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