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LoL Arena Stats Show Key Difference Between High And Low MMR Players

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Recently, Riot Phroxzon revealed the balance team's thoughts on Arena and some changes they're making ahead of the release. One key fact has shown the huge gap between high elo and low elo players. 

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LoL: What is the biggest difference between high and low elo? | © Riot Games

Riot is currently working on releasing Arena for a third time. This run will last longer than all the ones before. Recently, Lead Gameplay Designer, Riot Phroxzon, explained a lot of the thoughts behind the next run of Arena and gave insights into the decision making behind the scenes. 

One of the key points that he also pointed out was about the balance of the game and how the team is working on figuring out how to make it skill based, without being too sweaty. One of the stats he gave also showed the insane difference between high MMR and low MMR players. 

LoL Arena: The Gap Between High Elo And Low Elo Shown

In the recent post by Riot Phroxzon about Arena, he noted that some champions felt "weak" to a majority of the player base, namely Marksmen and Enchanters. But he then explained that in average play this statement is true, with 33% of bottom pairings being Enchanters and Marksmen. 

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LoL Arena is back! | © Riot Games

He went on to explain that within high MMR queues, though, Marksmen and Enchanters are in the top 15% of high elo play in Arena. 

On the other hand, fighter/fighter pairings seem to dominate the low elo Arena queues with a 15% success rate, while being a bottom 5% pairing in high MMR Arena queues. 

This goes to show that Arena, even with the added RNG (and even more being added in the upcoming run of the game mode) is still a mode with a lot of skill expression. Those players who can utilize their skill more, will be able to capitalize on those champions and therefore use them to the best of their abilities. 

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Who else missed Arena? | © Riot Games

Low elo players will just bonk one another on the heads with their fighter champions instead, because they don't have the skill or knowledge of good positioning. 

One Redditor wrote that it will be interesting to see how Riot will balance Arena, with "low ELO casually RNGing against each other while high ELO will be focused around specific metas."

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