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According to leaks it has been

Has the Lulu EDG Skin Been Cancelled?

Skins 25-03-2022 13:00
Lulu skin cancel
She won't be getting an EDG Skin? | © Riot Games/EDward Gaming

Leakers have revealed something awful for all us Lulu mains. Our favorite Yordle will not be receiving a 2021 League of Legends World Championship skin. Now, take note this is merely a leak, anything could still happen, but let's go over what we know thus far. 

Accoridng to leaker BigBadBear on Twitter, the Lulu skin has been cancelled and will be going to another champion instead. BigBadBear is known for his accurate leaks and was also responsible for the $150 Senna Prestige Skin leak, as well as the leak surrounding the upcoming Void jungler

Yuumi To Receive EDG Skin

According to the leak, it seems like Lulu's EDG skin has been given to another champion in her stead. One of the most notable picks of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship was Yuumi who dominated the support meta along with Leona. 

Now, it seems like EDG Meiko has changed his mind from picking Lulu and has decided to go with Yuumi instead. The EDG Skins are likely going to be released within the next few weeks, some believing that they're going to be released sometime between League of Legends Patch 12.7 and Patch 12.9. 

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Last year the DAMWON KIA World Championship skins were released in Patch 11.9, which could mean that we receive the EDG Skins around that time as well. Unless the change to Yuumi hasn't happened too long ago, then we might have to wait for these skins a bit longer, though BigBadBear did state that the skins were close to being released. 

What Champions Are Getting EDG Skins? 

The initial report was that EDG would choose Graves, Viego, Zoe, Aphelios and Lulu. The inital four picks are likely staying the same, and only Lulu is going to be replaced by Yuumi. But remember these are just leaks, and anything can still happen until Riot confirms the release of the EDG skins. 

Yuumi received her last skin in October 2021 with her Bewitching skin, while Lulu got a skin in April 2021. She even received a prestige Space Groove skin then. What could have changed that Lulu's skin will be replaced by Yuumi? Is it Meiko's preference, or did Riot intervene somehow? 

Which Champions Have World Championship Skins? 

With every World Championship, players get to choose a champion they played throughout the tournament to help design a skin for. These are all champions that have received World Championship skins thus far. 

Fnatic - Worlds 2011

  • xPeke: Karthus
  • Cyanide: Jarvan IV
  • Sushei: Gragas
  • Zealot: Corki
  • Mellisan: Janna

TPA - Worlds 2012

  • Stanley: Shen
  • Lilballz: Dr. Mundo
  • Toyz: Orianna
  • Baby: Ezreal
  • MiSTakE: Nunu

SKT - Worlds 2013

  • Impact: Jax
  • Bengi: Lee Sin
  • Faker: Zed
  • Piglet: Vayne
  • PoohManDu: Zyra
SSW Rengar skin
Samsung had some nice skins. | © Riot Games

Samsung White - Worlds 2014

  • Looper: Singed
  • Dandy: Rengar
  • PawN: Talon
  • imp: Twitch
  • Kill: Thresh

SKT - Worlds 2015

  • Marin: Renekton
  • Bengi: Elise
  • Faker: Ryze
  • Easyhoon: Azir
  • Bang: Kalista
  • Wolf: Alistar

SKT - Worlds 2016

  • Duke: Ekko
  • Bengi: Olaf
  • Blank: Zac
  • Faker: Syndra
  • Bang: Jhin
  • Wolf: Nami

Samsung Galaxy - Worlds 2017

  • CuVee: Gnar
  • Ambition: Jarvan
  • Haru: Ezreal
  • Crown: Taliyah
  • Ruler: Xayah
  • CoreJJ: Rakan

Invictus Gaming - Worlds 2018

  • Duke: Irelia
  • TheShy: Fiora
  • Ning: Camille
  • Rookie: LeBlanc
  • JackieLove: Kai'Sa
  • Baolan: Rakan
FPX Worlds
The FPX Skins remind me of power rangers. | © Riot Games

FunPlus Phoenix - Worlds 2019

  • GimGoon: Gangplank
  • Tian: Lee Sin
  • DoinB: Malphite
  • Lwx: Vayne
  • Crisp: Thresh

Damwon - Worlds 2020

  • Nuguri: Kennen
  • Canyon: Nidalee
  • ShowMaker: Twisted Fate
  • Ghost: Jhin
  • Beryl: Leona