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Finally the reworked skins are here!

New LoL Fright Night Skins | Cost, Champions & More

Skins 08-09-2022 10:45
Fright Night Draven
Honestly... this skin looks incredible! | © Riot Games

The gothic skins have been reworked and while many fans were a bit annoyed that Riot went with a different type of gothic than the original set of skins, it seems that these are some of the best skins that have been released in a while. 

Which champions will be getting Fright Night skins though? Originally we only had three skins in this skin line, but Riot has completely revamped it with a brand-new set of champions, while serving us Tim Burton in every single one of these skins. So, which one is your favorite and which one will you be picking up? 


Fright Night Skins: Champions Revealed

We are getting quite a few skins. While we've had a few dry patches, in terms of cosmetics, this one just slaps and hits the spot just perfectly. This is what we've been waiting for and even though it's a bit too early for the spooky season, we're still hyped for these skins and the champions chosen for the skins. 

  • Fright Night Annie
  • Fright Night Renata Glasc
  • Fright Night Draven
  • Fright Night Trundle
  • Fright Night Urgot
  • Fright Night Nautilus

Which of these champions will you be picking up? I've already pre-ordered my Nautilus skin because that spiderweb under his ult and the aesthetic slap. Nightmare before Summoner's Rift, am I right? 

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Is There a Prestige Skin or Legendary Skin? 

These skins are all going to be epic skins. There are also no plans for any prestige skins either in this group, but do we really need a shiny high-fashion version of these gothic skins? Not at all. So let's just enjoy the gothic aesthetic we've got right here with these skins. 

Cost of the Fright Night Skins

These are all epic skins. As already mentioned, none of these skins are going to cost more than 1350 RP. Riot has released enough prestige skins and legendary skins in the Star Guardian event, so it's time to take it slow with these insanely cool and unique epic skins. 

Will We Have a Gothic Event?

These skins are going to be released on the League of Legends World Championship patch, which means we're going to have a Worlds event instead of a Gothic event. So, yes there is going to be an event when these skins are released, but we won't be getting one along with the skins. So, make sure to pick up your Worlds tokens though! 

Fright Night Skins Release Date

These skins are going to be released along with LoL Patch 12.18, which is going to be coming out on Wednesday, September 21. This is going to be another pro-skewed patch with this being the League of Legends World Championship patch, so expect some more changes for champions like Ryze and Zeri, who are strong in pro play, but not in solo queue.  

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