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Who will get the second Ashen Knight skin?

Second Ashen Knight Skin Leaked

Ashen Knight Pyke
Who will it be after Pyke? | © Riot Games

Pyke was on the receiving end of the first Ashen Knight skin with the overhaul of mythic content. We got a whole new currency in the game, as well as some new and cool ways to purchase Prestige Skins. But the Ashen Knight Pyke skin is only available for three months. Who will  get a new mythic skin after? 

Leakers have revealed who the next Ashen Knight is going to be. How much it will cost and what you're going to get when purchasing the skin. So let's check out what we know about the next unique mythic skin Riot has to offer for us. 

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Who Is Getting A New Mythic Skin? 

The next Ashen Knight skin is going to fit perfectly to their champion. Ashen Knight Pantheon is going to hit the rift soon, and you'll be able to pick the skin up in the updated Mythic Shop. If you enjoy the aesthetic of Ashen Knight Pyke, then this is a skin you simply cannot pass up. 

RF Dashboard
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How Much Will Ashen Knight Pantheon Cost? 

Ashen Knight Pantheon is going to cost as much as Ashen Knight did according to leaks by BigBadBear on YouTube. So, if you decided not to spend money on Ashen Knight Pyke and save up 100 Mythic Essence, then you can get Ashen Knight Pantheon Instead. 

But, you won't just get Ashen Knight Pantheon, according to the leaks. You'll also be receiving a border, as well as an icon for your purchase of Ashen Knight Pantheon. Of course, Riot wants you to spend even more money so you can also pick up a chroma which will also include a second icon. Oh, and let's not forget that Riot will also release an emote and a ward skin. 

So let's summarize everything we know that you can receive related to the Ashen Knight Pantheon skin: 

  • Ashen Knight Pantheon + Chroma
  • Ashen Knight Pantheon Icon x2
  • Ashen Knight Pantheon Emote
  • Ashen Knight Pantheon Ward Skin 

When Will Ashen Knight Pantheon be Released? 

You can pick up Ashen Knight Pantheon once the League of Legends Mythic Shop updates. New mythic skins will be added into the client every three months. So you'll likely have to wait until League of Legends Patch 12.12 to pick up the skin if you want to purchase it. 

Before then, let's hope that Bel'Veth is released and that we get more information on the next bot lane champion Riot wants to receive. Oh, and of course, we'll get a clearer image by then of who might make it to the 2022 World Championship in North America this year. Time sure does fly, eh?