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Mythic Essence here we come!

When Will Gemstone Skins and Prestige Skins be Vaulted?

Skins 05-03-2022 14:00
Yasuo Prestige AAPE Skin
I don't mind getting this skin with some Mythic Essence. | © Riot Games

With Riot changing the upcoming mythic content, we want to take a look at just how much everything will cost going forward. The new mythic shop is going to feature older prestige skins, as well as include new content as well.

When will prestige and gemstone skins be removed from the League of Legends client, and when will the new shop take hold? Let’s check it out.

When Will the New Mythic Shop Be Implemented?

It seems like Riot Games will implement the new League of Legends mythic content shop in Patch 12.6. The new upcoming prestige skins are on the PBE server already, as well as the prestige reworked skins that will be available in the shop, as well as given out to players who have already spent money on obtaining these skins.

That will mean though that by Patch 12.6 the current gemstone skins and prestige shop will be taken down and removed from the client. So, if you want to get some hextech skins before you convert your gemstones into Mythic Essence, it’s time to do that pronto.

How Will the New Mythic Shop Work?

In the mythic shop, players will be able to spend the new currency – Mythic Essence – on skins and other rare items. So, players will probably be able to obtain the new Prestige Edition Battle Kitten Jinx skin that is set to release in Patch 12.6 with the Anima Squad event.

Battle queen diana prestige edition lol skin
When can I get Battle Queen Diana in my inventory? | © Riot Games

All gemstone and prestige skins will be put into a vault, sort of like legacy skins, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never get your hands on those skins again. Riot will rotate the content of the new shop, and players will be able to use their earned Mythic Essence to pick up the skins if there are any that they like.

New content like new mythic skins will also be added into the shop, but unlike previous gemstone skins – aka Hextech skins – these thematics will rotate. The first thematic Riot chose are the Ashen Knight skins.

How Much Mythic Essence Will You Have to Spend?

There are various tiers of spending in the new mythic shop. For skins in the shop for the first time, this means first time unvaulted skins, you’ll have to spend less than for other skins. These are the numbers and cost for unvaulted skins:

  • 1st unvault – 125 Mythic Essence
  • 2nd unvault – 150 Mythic Essence (2019 prestige Skins will start at this price from the beginning)
  • Any subsequent unvault – 200 Mythic Essence (2018 prestige skins will start at this price from the beginning)

Gemstone skins will follow a similar pattern as prestige skins, with the first unvault being slightly cheaper than the second:

  • 1st unvault – 100 Mythic Essence
  • Any subsequent unvault – 125 Mythic Essence

For the first Mythic shop, there will be more prestige skins available for players. So, hopefully you’ll be able to get your hands on that K/DA skin you missed out on back in 2018.

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