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We're getting some epic skins for the World Champions in 2022

Riot is Changing World Championship Skins in 2023

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The skins next year could be a little different. | © Riot Games

The League of Legends World Championship winners always get to choose a champion they want. Well for the lucky winner of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship this might change.

Riot has announced the League of Legends World Championship showcase for the winners of this years competition. What does this entail and just what is Riot changing on the skins given out to the best players in the world?


LoL: What is Riot Changing in the Worlds 2022 Champion Showcase? 

Throughout a skin showcase, Riot usually has specific capsules for purchase in which players can get random skin shards or a grab bag. These showcases tend to last around 3 weeks minimum, but usually last around a month. In 2022 the Eclipse event was such a showcase, running simultaneously to the High Noon Event. 

Now, for the second quarter of 2023 Riot has something new and special planned for the skins that will be awarded to the 2022 League of Legends World Champions. 

In this showcase five to six champions will receive brand-new skins. That's nothing unusual, since players have always received skins made for them, but the 2022 will also be receiving a prestige skin version. 

Which player or champion will receive the skin has not been revealed, nor the way Riot will choose. Maybe they'll take the skin of the LoL Worlds Finals MVP and turn that one into a prestige version? 

The skin line will be inspired by the Worlds 2022 theme, as well as the winning team's colours. So basically we will be getting team-colored mechs...? At least judging by the World Championship theme song we could be seeing some mechs. 

Also, Riot have announced that they're going to make a team ward skin. Will we get more cute coach wards like the kkOma ward we got after SKT T1 won the World Championship for a third time? 

Overall, there are quite a few changes coming to World Championship skins. I can imagine DoinB getting mad on stream right now since he's so unhappy with the FPX skins from 2019. 

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