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All Sivir mains can finally rejoice

Sivir Is Getting A Rework

What exactly will Riot change? | © Riot Games

Sivir has been one of the staple ADCs over the longest times now. With the introduction of newer and flashier ADCs, her kit just fells a bit outdated and stale. Well, it seems Riot is on top of this and Sivir will be receiving the next mid-scope update. These updates aren't a full rework, but we will see some major changes to her abilities. After the mid-scope updates of Olaf and Taliyah were a huge success, Riot has now added Sivir to the recipient list. So, what are Riot's plans for Sivir? 

These Are the Potential Changes for Sivir

On Twitter, Riot RayYonggi outlined what they are going to change on Sivir. The numbers below are not the final numbers, but go in the direction Riot wants. Now it just depends on she performs on the PBE after her small update how they tweak her.


Base stats
  • Mana: 325 (+50) > 300 (+40)
  • Mana Regen/s: 16.(1.8) >1.2(1.6)
  • AD: 63 > 58
  • AD/Level: 3 > 3.3
  • Base HP: 632 > 600
  • AS/Level: 1.6 > 2
P - Fleet of Foot
  • Flat 2 seconds > Decay over 2 seconds
  • Flat MS gain: 45-60 > 55-70
Q - Boomerang Blade
  • Base damage: 35-95 > 15-115
  • tAD Ratio: .7-1.3 > .7 flat
  • Cooldown: 7 > 12-10
  • Cast time: .25 > .25-0 (scaling with attack speed)
  • New: Scales with crit chance up to 100% bonus damage
  • Cost: 70-110 > 55-75
  • Missile Speed: 1350 > 1450 outward, 1200 inward
W - Ricochet
  • Buff Duration: 3 attacks > 4 seconds
  • New: Bonus AS: 20-40%
  • Max Bounces: "Infinite" > 7 per Ricochet
  • [New] Can now bounce back to targets that have already been hit. Will find new target first
  • tAD: .3-.9 > .3 flat
  • Bounce Range: 450 > 500
  • Cost: 75 > 75-55
E - Spell Shield
  • Removed: Mana refund
  • [New] Heals Sivir for (.6-.8 tAD) + (.5 AP)
  • [New] Procs fleet of foot
  • Cost: 0 > 40
  • Cooldown: 22-10 > 22-14
R - On the Hunt
  • Removed: Attack Speed
  • Removed: Initial movement speed burst
  • Unchanged: Movement speed for Sivir + Allies: 20-30%
  • Duration: 8 >8-12
  • [New] Refreshes on recently-damaged takedown
  • [New] Auto attacks during the Hunt reduce Sivir's basic ability cooldowns by 5 seconds

What Will Sivir's Mid-Scope Update Look Like?

Riot RayYonggi is responsible for Sivir's mid-scope update and shared a few details of the rework on a Reddit thread. What did he reveal? First and foremost, he noted that Sivir's identity will still remain the same. She is a utility ADC, who has insane wave clear and poke. The devs will cut all of these feature a bit, in favor of more consistent DPS. 

First, let's talk about the things they won't change. Riot already announced that they wouldn't change her attack range and spell shield. They want Sivir to remain a short range ADC that is high risk, high reward. And the spell shield is a big part of that play style. You either time it perfectly or let it go to waste and die, which is one of Sivir's most notable features when it comes to mastering her. Those are the things, they won't change, now let us go over the abilities they want to change. 

Riot RayYonggi stated that they wanted Sivir to return to her crit build. To do this, they will be making the W and Q more functional with crit builds. What exactly is going to change and how this is going to be implemented, we don't know yet, but he also said that she will be loosing some of her early game poke, which was one of the main features of the W and Q. 

Sivir's ulti is also going to be subjected to some changes. Right now, her ulti is basically a utility tool that benefits the whole team. The devs want to cut some of the utility and team buffs, for a more "selfish" playstyle. RayYonggi hinted at the fact that she will be giving herself a DPS buff with her ulti. Now, if this is supposed to be a flat damage increase or some other kind of buff, we can't tell. That's basically all he revealed, and we assume Riot is still in the early stages of this update. 

When Will Sivir's Mid-Scope Update Be Released?

Her mid-scope update should be going onto the PBE Patch 12.13, which means it should go live in Patch 12.13 on July 13, 2022. With Riot releasing the numbers of the update already, it seems like they're ready to have her on the PBE, though we will have to wait for the actual patch to confirm whether they're using two PBE cycles to test these changes or only one. 

And that is all we know about Sivir's mid-scope update. Are you excited? After the Olaf and Taliyah updates, we are looking forward to this update and can't wait to see what Riot has in store for us.