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Long Layover? Riot Introduced Every LoL Gamers Dream Lounge

More 06-12-2022 17:15
Airport Lounge Seoul Incheon
I wanna go! | © Riot Games

We've all been there. A flight lands and you've got a connection that is six hours later. It's not long enough to go and explore the city you landed in, but also too long to just sit down at your next gate, so what to do? Well, Riot might just have created the best solution to this problem yet. 

In one airport Riot has revealed their League of Legends and VALORANT-themed lounge where gamers can relax, sit back and play a few rounds of their favorite game while completely jet-lagged. Sounds like a dream, eh? 


Riot Games LoL and Valorant Lounge Goes Viral

If you're a fan of either Valorant or League of Legends, then you know that South Korea is the place to be when it comes to gaming, right? Well, now you can enjoy the insane gaming culture and experience up until the last moment with Riot Korea introducing their gaming lounge at the Incheon International Airport. 

Riot Korea signed an agreement with the Incheon international Airport Corporation to bring a gaming experience to travellers, so the gaming lounge is more than just a place to play video games between flights or while waiting for one. It's an experience. 

There are tables laid out where some travellers can set up their laptops to play Valorant or League of Legends, while also including desktop computers for others to play the games. But that's not all. 

Will we get a Faker statue t the Incheon gamer Lounge someday? 

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The lounge has been decorated with life-size statues of some of the most popular characters from the games like Ahri and Jett. Books, Artworks and Figurines also decorate the lounge. 

In the original Tweet by Gerald Lee, it also seems like players are able to win some free stuff by participating in some challenges, like an aim game. So even if you have a shorter layover or are hurrying to your gate this seems like a place to check out. 

The lounge is meant for fans of video games, but also to introduce gaming and esports to others who might not have experienced such an environment before. The lounge is located in Terminal 1 by Gate 30 for anyone flying from Incheon in the coming weeks. Make sure to check it out! 

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