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Who is going to be playing soccer?

Is Riot Working on World Cup Skins For November?

Skins 22-08-2022 17:00
All Star Akali
Akali is kicking butt! | © Riot Games

Throughout the last few years Riot has released World Cup-themed soccer skins whenever a FIFA World Cup took place. Will 2022 be any different? Leakers have revealed that there could be some sports-themed skins coming our way pretty soon. 

This year the FIFA World Cup will be taking place in November and December rather than the summer as is usual for the World Cup, right? Well, if you've got enough money then you can make anything happen I guess and so this year the World Cup is taking place in Qatar. So, will Riot release new skins for the event? 


World Cup Skins: Champions Receiving New Skins 

The leakers have not revealed which champions might be receiving new Soccer Cup skins – sorry British fans, but that's the name of the skin line. We can only take educated guesses judging by which champions already received skins in 2022 and who would fit into the thematic. 

Well, looking at Akali's splash art we can see that Ekko is technically visible on the opposing team so he could be getting a skin for the World Cup, but someone like Akshan or Yasuo could also be pretty fun to see, right? None of this is confirmed yet though and we're just going off leaks for now. 

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These Champions Already Have Soccer Cup Skins

Eleven champions have already received World Cup skins throughout the last few years. The first batch came out in 2010, with a second released in 2014 and more skins added in 2018. 

Order United

  • Striker Ezreal
  • Striker Lucian
  • Goalkeeper Maokai
  • Sweeper Alistar

Chaos FC

  • All-Star Akali
  • Goalkeeper Blitzcrank
  • Playmaker Lee Sin
  • Sweeper Rammus

Referees and Fans

  • Superfan Gragas
  • Red Card Katarina
  • Red Card Twisted Fate

Which Patch Will the Soccer Cup Skins be Released on? 

The FIFA World Cup is set to kick off on November 20, 2022. If we take a look at the official patch schedule of Riot Games for League of Legends then we think these skins will either be a part of the final patch of 2022 or the second to last patch. So expect the Soccer Cup skins either in LoL Patch 12.22 or LoL Patch 12.23. 


Only issue with this article is apologising to British fans isn't necessary. The entire world (except America of course) call it football.