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2XKO: Riot Just Introduced The Newest Fighting Game Champion

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2XKO, formerlyl known as Project L, is inching closer and closer to release. Now, Riot have revealed a brand-new character. 

2xko Braum
2XKO: Braum is here! | © Riot Games

Braum is coming to 2XKO. Riot have just revealed the newest champion that will be a part of the Project L roster, and he looks absolutely incredible. This champion is going to shake up the meta, simply by beating the enemies up with kindness... and his giant shield. 

So, let's take a look at Braum and what he seems to be capable of in the Riot Games fighting game. Are you excited for Braum, or is there another champion you're hoping to see get revealed soon? 

2XKO: Braum Revealed In New Trailer

For a while now we've known about characters like Illaoi, Yasuo and Jinx in 2XKO. Players also already got to test out some of the characters at events like evo, but now a new fighter has entered the field, and that is none other than the handsome man with a perfect moustache – Braum. 

Braum is known to be a jolly and friendly character, something he encompasses in 2XKO as well. Not only is he going to be fighting with his giant shield, that is actually a door he ripped off it's hinges, but he's also got his close companions by his side to make him even stronger. 

If you choose to fight as Braum you'll have the power of the Poro's on your side, and who wouldn't want to fight as these adorable little fluff balls from the Freljord? Honestly, it's a great nod to the character and his already existing interactions with these creatures all over Riot Games media. 

Braum's abilities in 2XKO are going to be able to stun enemies and freeze them for short times, utilizing his strong defense as the best offense. It looks fun and like a pretty interesting play style. Whether Braum is going to be added to the playable lineup for upcoming playtests is yet to be determined, but we can't wait to test him out. 

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