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Who wouldn’t want to main this chad???

LoL: Five Reasons to Main Braum

Champions 21-04-2024 09:00

Braum is one of the best bot lane champions. Here are some reasons why you should become a Braum main.

Braum 10
All I want for Christmas is Santa Braum. | © Riot Games

Braum is by far the most wholesome champion in League of Legends. From his sweet quotes that can help anyone untilt to his whole kit, Braum is the epitome of what a support champion is supposed to be. But what can Braum offer that none of the other support champions can? Here are five reasons why you should main Braum.

Braum is not the most popular champion at the moment, and we do understand why. Even though Braum often appears in pro play, many players struggle to utilize the champion the same way in SoloQ because it usually requires a lot of synergy with your teammates and the right matchup to make it right.

Now we still believe that Braum deserves another chance at becoming your new main, and we have gathered five reasons why you should main him.

Braum not your style? Maybe one of these will fall to your liking: 

League of Legends: Why You Should Play Braum

Braum's Unbreakable - One of the Strongest Shields in LoL

Braum's Unbreakable (E) offers a shield unlike any of his fellow support champions. Unbreakable intercepts all projectiles coming toward him, causing them to hit him instead and then be destroyed. The damage of the first attack will be completely negated, and the damage of the subsequent attacks will be heavily reduced. 

Braum El Tigre
He's so good! | © Riot Games

Braum's massive shield, especially paired together with his W, is the perfect ability to protect your carries from incoming damage. A similar type of shield can only be found in Yasuo's Windwall and Samira's Blade Whirl

Even though some players are unhappy with the fact that Braum's shield doesn’t negate all damage dealt to the shield, like Yasuo and Samira,  Braum's shield is still very strong. 

Unlike Yasuo, Braum's shield can be moved and therefore be used both aggressively and to escape. It also lasts way longer than Samira's W. Lastly, Braum is a tank and can take way more damage compared to both Samira and Yasuo. 

The Most Wholesome Champion in League of Legends

Braum sweet sugar
Sweet as sugar Braum. | © Riot Games

I think no one can disagree with this one. When you go to check out Braum's lore, the sentence that introduces Braum just summarizes the champion perfectly:

Blessed with massive biceps and an even bigger heart.

If you have ever played Braum in the past, you will also know that Braum offers quotes throughout the game that can help even the worst Yasuo players untilt. For example, from the beginning of the game, you will hear Braum saying things like "The darker the night, the brighter the stars" or "See? That wasn't so bad."

Keeping these quotes in your mind while playing the game helps you keep your cool even when things aren’t going your way.

Perfect Kit Against Engage Supports

Crime City Braum
I love this champion so much. | © Riot Games

What Braum lacks in strength against poke champions, he makes up for in his dominance against engage supports like Leona, Blitzcrank and Pyke. 

All of Braum's abilities are perfect to avoid any type of engage on his carry and allow them to either escape or to, at least, win a trade. 

The Epitome of a Warden Support 

A Warden is a defensive tank with the job of keeping their allies safe and creating ways for their carries to deal with the enemy without getting caught. Wardens might not get as much time in the spotlight as the vanguard supports, but they are often the difference makers in certain matchups

Braum 0
Why should you play Braum? | © Riot Games

With Braum, Riot has created a champion fitting the Warden category to its core. So if you feel like Wardens Supports have always been more your style. Braum is the champ for you.

Braum Has No Boring Skins 

With Braum's massive shield and infamous mustache, Riot has been given the perfect template to create many fun skins. Now, skins might not bring much to the gameplay itself, but they can definitely make the game more fun and help you cope with the usual struggle that is Solo Queue.

We know that Braum is currently not at his strongest, but we still believe he offers a very fun and unique playstyle worthy of trying out. He is also still a good pick against supports like Leona and Blitzcrank. 

Who is your favorite support?

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