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LoL: Are The New AI Practice Bots Perfect To Counter Leveling Bots For Smurfs?

More 23-03-2024 12:00

The Co-Op vs. AI game mode has always been a breeding ground for leveling bots, but will the new Co-Op vs. AI bots help the fight against smurfs? 

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LoL: Has Riot found a way to fight against smurf bots? | © Riot Games

Riot Games have just introduced the brand-new AI vs. Co-Op bots to the game. Some players have decided to go out and test these bots, and they've realized that the new beginner bots are a lot harder than they were before... now able to truly create a team and work together. 

This will also mean that botters who have built leveling bots might need to upgrade their own technology as well if they want to keep making accounts to sell at a rapid pace for those who want a smurf. 

LoL: Can The New Practice AI Stop Leveling Bots? 

In LoL Patch 14.6, Riot introduced a brand-new system for players to learn and practice. They've added in new AI for the Co-Op vs. AI game mode, which many beginner players use to get to know the game. Now, the bots in those games are able to jungle and take objectives together, unlike before where they mindlessly ran down their lanes. 

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Will leveling bots be less frequent? | © Riot Games

It's also been known that those looking to level accounts to be sold for smurfs used the Co-Op vs. AI mode to level their accounts with ease. Games were won without having to do anything, the leveling bots mindlessly running down their lanes and still winning games thanks to the 2 or 3 actual people in their games. 

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Account botters can't just sit back anymore. | © Riot Games

Because of this botting issue Riot also shut down one of the few "extra" game modes we once had — Twisted Treeline

Well, one Reddit user quickly realized that the new AI bots are too strong for these leveling accounts and that just running it down does not seem to work anymore. 

[...] the leveling bots on my team did not stand a chance. In one game the leveling bots on my team ended up getting 3 kills total, the whole game. The enemy bots? 47. Every tower and inhib on our side was gone by the end of the game. All of this happened in only 25 minutes.

It seems that players now believe those who want to level their accounts are going to have to improve their own bots to counter the new Co-Op vs. AI ones so that they can actually win games to earn more experience for the accounts. 

One player joked about wanting to see an AI arms race where both sides make better and stronger AI's to beat the other until not even actual players are able to beat the bots... and we're just here nostalgic, hoping doombots will return eventually. 

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