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LoL: Practice Bots Are Ready And They'll Jungle Better Than You

News 01-03-2024 15:59

Riot revealed a year ago that they're working on improving the Co-op vs AI Bots and now it seems like they're ready. 

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LoL: Riot is shipping the new practice bots. | © Riot Games

Riot Games is set to introduce upgraded AI bots to the live servers shortly. In September 2023, the community had the chance to try out and critique the beginner-level bots. Following this feedback phase, the bots are now prepped for live deployment, with Riot confirming their imminent addition.

The long-awaited enhancement of the Co-op vs AI bots, designed to better replicate actual gameplay scenarios, is about to go live. After extensive testing, Riot has announced the date these advanced bots will arrive on the LoL clients.

LoL Patch 14.6: Get Ready For New Co-Op Vs AI Features

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Are you ready to beat some bots? | © Riot Games

Following rigorous testing on the PBE in September 2023, the new AI practice bots were temporarily removed for Riot to address numerous bugs and incorporate player feedback. Fast-forward six months, and it appears the team is poised to unveil their progress.

Riot has now announced the launch patch for the enhanced Co-op vs AI bots, planning to roll them out in LoL Patch 14.6 on the live servers. Prior to this, the bots will undergo one last round of testing on the PBE two weeks before their official release.

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The primary goal of these bots, according to Riot, is to "provide newer players with a space to learn and grow, while providing experienced players with a lower-stress mode to enjoy".

Over the recent months following their initial PBE testing, Riot has addressed approximately 80 bugs and enhanced the AI's approach to itemization and jungle navigation. Consequently, the bots will now strategically utilize jungle plants as necessary.

The updated bots are designed to replicate actual gameplay conditions, which includes having one bot transition to the jungle instead of two occupying the top lane. Additionally, the AI will work together to secure jungle objectives as a unit.

Despite the improvements, the team behind the bots has cautioned players that some issues might persist. They encourage reporting any encountered bugs through the LoL Bug Reporter or to Player Support.

In custom games the old bots will still be active, so for anyone curious, you can always check out the custom game bots and compare them to the new Co-op vs AI bots to see how different the two are.

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