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A key member leaves the team

LoL MMO Faces A New Challenge - "It's The Right Time To Hand Over"

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LoL MMO: A key person leaves the project, but is it in jeopardy now? | © Riot Games

We finally got an update on the League of Legends MMO, but it isn't good news. Riot just revealed some new information about the project and where the team is at in the development phase. Unfortunately, development will have to go on without Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street. 

On March 7, 2023 Ghostcrawler and Marc "Tryndamere" Merrill revealed that he would be leaving Riot Games, but that the work on the upcoming LoL MMO set in Runeterra will continue to go on. 

LoL MMO: Ghostcrawler Leaves Riot

If you're a fan of massively multiplayer online games (MMO) then you probably know who Ghostcrawler is. He's worked on the biggest game out there, World of Warcraft, and has been working alongside Riot to bring their own Runeterran MMORPG to life. 

Why did he leave though? Well according to his announcement on Twitter a combination of both personal and professional reasons led him to make this important decision. It seems that he wants to spend more time with his family and be closer to them, which was a key factor in his decision. 

Ghostcrawler has spent 9-years at Riot Games and helped set the founding blocks for the upcoming LoL MMO. But he will leave behind more than just the LoL MMO, but having spent so much time with Riot, he also left his mark on the company itself. 

Will The LoL MMO Be Delayed? 

Greg Street was the EP of the LoL MMO, but he, as well as Marc Merrill, have both stated that the game is in good hands. It seems that Street chose a time when the development could be handed over with ease to leave the company. 

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According to Merrill, the team is also still in early development, but they've found a clear direction they want to take the game into. He also re-iterated that there is still a long time to go before they can get to a release though, so players will again have to be patient for breadcrumbs of information. 

We believe in this game and the team working on it. If we look at development as a race, Greg has run an amazing first leg with an incredible team, and I know whoever takes the baton next will be set up for success going forward.

Even though a key person in the development process has left, it seems that Riot continues to be optimistic about their League of Legends MMO and what direction they're taking it in. 

Want to know more about the LoL MMO?

With how early they are in development, there also isn't a set time for a release, so the game likely isn't delayed and with a competent team working on it.

We wish Greg Street all the best at his next venture and that we can all play the LoL MMO soon. 

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