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Another bug but now it's fixed

League of Legends In-Game Exploit Fixed And Item Re-Enabled

More 13-04-2023 12:10
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League of Legends: This bug is way too OP. | © Riot Games

League of Legends is known for some of its insane in-game bugs and problems. Let's be real it's a game that's over 10-years old by now and still seems to run on the spaghetti code from centuries ago. So, there are bugs and issues to be expected. 

One of the most recent exploits was a little too OP though and has even caused Riot to completely disable the item for a short amount of time until they were able to fix the bug.

League of Legends Item Disabled Until Bug Fix

Bugs and League of Legends, name a better duo. While some bugs are just small issues and don't affect the flow of a game too much, unless of course you're on the biggest stage in LoL esports, but there are some bugs that are just obnoxious and need to be removed from the game completely. 

Just recently, Ryze and Waterwalking had a bug where the champion would gain mana, while there was also a bug with the Cookie's from the Cookie Delivery rune. Now, the item in question is none other than Watchful Wardstone. 

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On April 11, 2023 a glitch with Watchful Wardstone was discovered which allowed players to become full-build far earlier than they were supposed to be.

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Players who had the Vigilant Wardstone item, the upgraded version of Watchful Wardstone, in their inventory and sold it, could then consistently buy and sell Watchful Wardstone. While players stood in the base, consistently buying and selling the item, they would gain more gold and they would lose with time. 

Doing this over-and-over meant that players garnered huge sums of money with which they could then buy all the items they dreamed of. So if you've been living that AP Janna fantasy, then this was your time to shine. 

This exploit caused support players to be full-build by the time that the rest of their team, as well as enemy team, would only have one or two items. Therefore, Riot quickly went and disabled the item completely until they find a fix for this issue that could completely turn games around. 

Thankfully, Riot worked quickly, disabling the item and working on a quick fix. Hopefully, it won't bring back any other weird bugs to the game, but for now it seems to have been fixed. On April 13, 2023 Riot released a statement that the item is back in the game.

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