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League of Legends Worlds 2022: Game Bug Cost TES The Quarterfinals

TES Game bug
TES could have easily made it to the quarterfinals. | © Riot Games

Top Esports was one of the favorites going into the League of Legends World Championship. The meta worked great for their bot lane and they had taken JDG to two five-game series. Group C should have been no problem for them, but communication problems early on caused them to fall behind 1-2 in week one, but what broke the camel's back was a potential in-game bug that cost them everything. 

TES went up against GAM Esports in their first game of Group C action to kick off the second half of their group stage play. GAM Esports is known to play unique picks that no one else is willing to play and in this situation they pulled out the Karthus jungle which could have been game changing. 


In-Game Bug Found by LoL Content Creator

Content Creator Vandiril found a bug that could have saved Top Esports and their hopes for the quarterfinals. TES were pushing onto GAM Esports Nexus, with all of GAM dead. Just a few more hits of the Nexus and TES would have a win under their belt, keeping their hopes for Worlds alive. 

But then Levi came back, immediately pressed his Karthus ult to poke down TES, giving them enough time for the rest of the team to respawn. GAM Esports Mid Laner, Kati, used his Sett ult to remove JackeyLove from the Nexus as well before killing him. 

The rest of the remaining TES players were also killed and GAM marched into the enemy base, destroyed the towers and won the game. All TES would have needed were two more auto attacks to win. 

Maw of Malmortious Bug

Vandiril tweeted out that a bug with the item Maw of Malmortious could have cost TES the quarterfinals. He explained that JackeyLove had gotten the item to negate some of the magic damage from Karthus. So, when Karthus ulted, Maw of Malmortious was supposed to negate some of the damage while also gaining a shield. 

The item was off cooldown, so the shield should have been activated when Lucian fell low on health. With that shield he could have survived a bit longer and gotten some hits in on the Nexus to earn the victory. 

Fans and experts alike have stated that this bug was detrimental to TES losing the match. This win cemented Rogue and DRX in the quarterfinals, while TES is going home.