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League of Legends Making Changes To The UI

More 10-05-2023 17:18
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The UI is changing for the scoreboard! | © Riot Games

With the most recent League of Legends patch, Riot made some huge adjustments to the in-game scoreboard, adding new features like the in-game report system, which many players will find useful. But, there are even more plans to make some changes and adjustment to the scoreboard. 

Riot Probama went to Reddit to reveal some of the other plans they've got forthe scoreboard UI and how they are looking to update and improve it. 

LoL: UI Changes Coming To Scoreboard

Due to the changes in LoL Patch 13.9, some of the older features were removed or changed, which is what Riot is going to update in the coming patch. The missing player icon has been removed and is something Riot is looking into adding back again, as well as improving some of the current new features. 

So, what exactly is Riot going to be changing? According to Riot Probama, the team will bring back the missing player icon into the scoreboard. This will likely look different, but they're working on a way to include it into the scoreboard once more. Though, it might not be added in the next League of Legends patch just yet. 

This change has since been revealed, with initial designs being shown on Twitter for players to give feedback. These changes should be added in for LoL Patch 13.11. 

Swapping the positions of self mute and mute-all is also going to be added in the next League of Legends patch. It's an easy fix and should be added very quickly. 

The final change that should be implemented is to bring back a way to fully-mute a player without using the menu. This is a medium-difficultuy task with lower priority, since players are able to fully mute someone through the scoreboard right now. 

These are the changes Riot is tackling to improve the UI of the scoreboard. They should be implemented by LoL Patch 13.10, but some, like the missing player icons, will be added at a later date.

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