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When is the next Essence Emporium?

League of Legends: More Information on Blue Essence Emporium Revealed

More 17-03-2023 17:15
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LoL Devs finally update us on the Essence Emporium! | © Riot Games

In a recent Dev Vlog, Riot Brightmoon and Meddler revealed some more information on the Blue Essence Emporium which had been put on hiatus in 2022 so the team could work on it and improve it. 

It seems like we might be seeing a return of the sale later this year, but nothing is set into stone just yet. Let's go over all the information we have on the Essence Emporium for now. 

LoL Devs Give Update on Blue Essence Emporium

The Blue Essence Emporium has been a staple in League of Legends for a while. Blue Essence is the one currency most players have more than enough of, especially in later stages once they've got all champions already. 

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In the Blue Essence Sale players could trade in their excess BE for some neat emotes and other things, but in 2022 Riot announced that they would be taking a hiatus. Now, in the most recent Vlog it was revealed that the team is aiming to bring it back later in 2023. 

The team has revamped the tech behind the Essence Emporium, according to Riot Brightmoon and the team is aiming to bring it back in the summer. This could mean that we will have an Essence Emporium for the 2023 Summer Event, so make sure you have the right tech so you can enjoy the Essence Emporium!. 

Though right now this is not a set date and things could still change it's a good thing that Riot is acknowledging the Essence Emporium, since players and fans have been asking about it and wondering when we will see a return. Hopefully, if everything goes according to plan, we can exchange the Blue Essence we've been saving for a year finally. 

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