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League of Legends: Players Want One Honorable Feature Back In The Game

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League of Legends players often request the return of old features, and while not all can be reinstated, this particular request seems achievable, doesn't it?

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League of Legends: Players want one specific feature abck in the game. | © Riot Games

League of Legends players often look back fondly on the game's earlier days, reminiscing about better gameplay, a more responsive balance team, and simpler champions. While the demands of veteran players might seem out of reach, a recent Reddit post with a positive and feasible request has gained significant attention.

Throughout the years, Riot have tried to improve the honor system, to try and get players to be positive in the game instead of toxic. Now, one player is asking for the chance to honor more than one teammate, with others chiming in to bring back a key old feature as well. 

League of Legends: Players Want To Add More Honor Options

Recently, a thread on Reddit went viral in which a player wondered why players can only honor one other member on their League of Legends team after a game. They explained that at times they feel like more than just one person deserves honor, and it sucks that these players won't be getting their deserved thumbs up from teammates. 

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Players want to honor more teammates. | © Riot Games

Riot has also recently disabled automatic all chat in the post-game lobby, which means that even if you write something in the chat telling someone they played well, there is a high chance that they wouldn't see it, since the chat is disabled and has to be enabled manually. 

To me, [giving an honor] is not about leveling up the honor level (I don't care about the rewards), it's about the emotional connection. Giving someone a tip like: "Hey, you performed well! Good job!" goes a long way! Sometimes, words are not enough!

Other players agree, stating that if they play with their duo, most of the time they'll automatically honor them, but would like to give another member on their team a thumbs up as well. Most players don't understand why the honor is locked behind only one player and hope Riot will fix this. 

Players Want To Bring Back Old Honor Feature

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You play League as a team so players want to honor more players. | © Riot Games

Along with honoring multiple players, some also brought up an old, long forgotten feature. Some players also want to honor their opponent for being a good sport in the game, something that had once been available in League of Legends, but this feature was removed in 2018 when they reworked the honor system. 

Some players hope that Riot will bring back the feature as well as add in a way to honor multiple players. With how much toxicity there is in League of Legends, a little more honor wouldn't be too bad, right? 

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