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End the smurf account reign

LoL Community Wants Riot To Focus On Player Accounts In Season 14

More 11-05-2023 15:30
LoL: Players are sick and tired of these smurfs. | © Studio Peyo/Riot Games

One of the biggest issues players deal with these days is not the balance of League of Legends itself. Instead, players in lower elos have to consistently deal with toxic teammates, and smurf accounts which impact the state of the game. 

Recently, a player made his opinion known on Reddit, stating that they hope Riot will make a change in League of Legends Season 14 instead of some big in-game changes once the preseason kicks off in November. 

 LoL: Smurfs Ruin Game Health in League of Legends 

Smurf accounts have become an issue in the lower elos in League of Legends. Level 30 accounts are cheaper than ever before and more and more players pick up these types of botted accounts to torment lower elo players. This has player begging Riot for some way to better seed out the bought accounts. 

Many players in lower elo have been expressing their dissatisfaction with botted accounts infiltrating their ranked games with these smurfs often either being toxic, or just not playing the game properly when something doesn't go their way, because it's "not their main" account. 

Therefore, players are calling on Riot to make some much-needed changes, like adding an existing phone number to accounts, or even creating an algorithm to better spot botted accounts which could help with the state of the community and the general game health on all levels of play. 

Having someone else on the team who is way better than everyone else, flaming others for their mistakes does not make for a good in-game environment and while in-game reports and chat restrictions help, they are not going to solve the root of the issue at hand. 

Players want Riot to combat these smurf accounts directly and hope that in the upcoming season, instead of making more changes to the jungle, or adding in new dragons, Riot will focus on the health of the community to combat the toxicity that has been building up throughout the last year or so. 

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