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LoL Players Suggest New Queue Form To Combat Toxicity

More 09-05-2023 21:15
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LoL: These players want an honor queue. | © Riot Games

League of Legends is a pretty toxic game, with even some of it's biggest content creators getting called out for their consistent in-game behavior, as well as chat logs. With such an environment, there doesn't look to be a big change in attitude anytime soon. 

One player has made some suggestions on Reddit though on how to improve behavior and make the honor system actually mean something. 

LoL: Player Suggest A New Type Of Queue To Improve In-Game Behavior

User squeezy102, made a post on Reddit which went viral, in which they outlined some changes that could be implemented to improve League of Legends gameplay and in-game behavior of players. 

With the state of the game worsening, they suggested that it's time to make the honor system mean something. While getting a backing border, some gifts here and there is nice, there is no true incentive to actually play well and honor someone. 

Not even a Lux skin could fix that, eh? That's why it was suggested to add in Honor Queue to League of Legends. This means that players with a higher honor level would be queued together. 

But this wouldn't be an exclusive type of queue according to the Reddit post. 

Lets make it to where if you're max honor, you're much more likely to be queued up with other people who are max honor. It wouldn't be exclusive, its not like you get your own queue. You can still get other-than-honorable people in your games.

By adding this into the queue system, players who have a higher honor level are more likely to play with others of the same honor level as well, which could improve gameplay and satisfaction. 

This would also give the honor system more meaning and incentivize players to gain more honor as well since they will have better teammates in the future as well. 

Of course, this is just a suggestion off Reddit, but this could be a good idea. Would it work though is the real question. 

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