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MSI 2023: "Please Give Me A Coaching Position" - DoinB Wants To Join G2 Esports

Esports 02-05-2023 19:45
FPX Doin B
MSI 2023: DoinB liked what he saw from G2 Esports! | © Riot Games

MSI 2023 is underway, with the first four teams having already faced off in London, England. With the new co-streaming regulations, streamers are also to watch the games with their audience and of course some of the biggest names have taken advantage of this. 

DoinB, former FunPlus Phoenix and LNG Esports mid laner, also took to his stream to watch G2 Esports face off against Brazilian team LOUD and in DoinB fashion his stream was am adventure with some hilarious DoinB quotes also making it online. 

MSI 2023: DoinB Cheers For G2 After Unconventional Mid Lane Pick

G2 Esports faced off against LOUD in their first best-of-three at the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational with thousands of people watching. DoinB was also co-streaming the event for his viewers in China and when Caps locked in Nautilus mid, DoinB was set on who he wanted to win the game

I want G2 to win the series. At the post-match interview, the host will ask him why mid Nautilus. And Caps will say: 'I know Doinb is somewhere watching right now. I lost to his Nautilus in 2019, I want revenge. Comeback to pro play, Doinb!' And he will cry into tears. Guys, it's scripted.

In 2019, G2 Esports lost to FunPlus Phoenix in the World Championship finals. In the first of the three matches DoinB pulled out Nautilus mid against Caps aggressive Pyke mid... and we all know how that turned out, eh? 

Now, not only was he impressed with the pick of Caps, but the drafting overall, noting how it resembled the 2019 FPX drafts, which prompted him to offer his services as a coach once he retires from playing League of Legends completely. 

He asked the owners of G2 Esports to leave a spot open for him in the future for a coaching position. G2 DoinB confirmed? Maybe in a year or so,  now we just have to wait and see how G2 Esports fares in their next match when they play PSG Talon for a spot at the 2023 MSI Bracket Stage. 

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