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LoL Essence Emporium Could Return Soon

More 06-06-2023 20:55
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LoL Essence Emporium has been a long time waiting... | © Riot Games

The Blue Essence Emporium was a bi-yearly sale in which players could finally get rid of all their blue essence. The moment you've got all the champions in the game, as well as all the pride content, blue essence basically becomes useless, which is where the Essence Emporium comes into play. 

Last year, Riot announced that the Blue Essence Emporium would be taking a break for the team to fix some of the underlying tech behind it. It's been a year and players want to know though when they can finally use up their Blue Essence again. 

LoL Essence Emporium: News Coming Soon

On Reddit, Jeremy "Brightmoon" Lee revealed that there would be some news on the Essence Emporium coming soon. With a June Dev Blog update just around the corner, we could find out something new on the Essence Emporium as soon as then. 

We should be able to update you all on [the Essence Emporium] in the next few weeks! The team has just finished a lot of under the hood changes that will make the Essence Emporium more stable and less hand-coded for each one. 

So it seems like in previous years the League of Legends team had to manually code and make changes to the Essence Emporium, which took time and resources from the main game, hence why the Emporium was put on hold to begin with. 

Whether the Essence Emporium will return for the Summer or only in the Winter is yet to be seen, but we're just happy to know that there is going to be some way to finally get rid of all this Blue Essence that's been piling up. 

So, what other issues should Riot fix once they've finally got the Essence Emporium running again? I say overhaul events again because the grind is just ridiculous these days. 

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