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Riot is looking to make some changes

LoL: Expect Changes To Fighter Items Soon

More 11-04-2023 15:05
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League of Legends: Fighters are too powerful accoridng to Riot. | © Riot Games

League of Legends sometimes feels completely unfair, especially for specific roles. Since Season 13, top lane Fighters have been feeling a little too oppressive with immense amount of damage, as well as health for the champions. 

Riot has already made some changes to fighter items before, by removing ability haste from most of them, but it seems that this isn't enough and Riot will make even more adjustments to the items. 

LoL Item Changes: Fighter Items First To Be Updated

Not only is Riot looking to make changes to fighter items, but lethality items like Duskblade of Draktharr, as well as Prowler's Claw will also be looked into by the balance team for League of Legends. But it seems like the fighter mythic items will be the first priority of Riot. 

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Players have been opting in for the same build on bruisers, meaning that most of the items have been falling by the wayside, something Riot is looking to change with some changes to the rest of the fighter item squad. 

Riot Axes recently went on Reddit to explain some of the ideas the team has to make changes to fighter items and to try and bring the Divine Sunderer prio down. 

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Whether Riot will buff non-Sunderer fighter mythics or nerf the item has yet to be decided. Other than that the team won't be doing too many huge changes to the item class. So, expect some major buffs to items like Trinity Force. 

These updates won't be added though until after MSI 2023, so we can expect them to come either in LoL Patch 13.9 or 13.10, since LoL Patch 13.8 is going to be the patch that the teams are playing on. 

Lethality Mythic Items To Be Completely Reworked

Lethality Mythic items have also been an issue for some and Riot is going to be making some bigger changes to the item class, but it seems that these changes might not even come in LoL Season 13. 

Riot might be pushing these changes back all the way to LoL Pre-Season 14. So expect some adjustments to mythic lethality items, but nothing more for this year. The real fun is going to start in the pre-season... crazy it's only April and we're already looking ahead at pre-season. 

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