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Can he make it?

LoL: How Close is TheBausffs to Hit Rank 1 on EUW?

LoL: TheBausffs is trying his best to hit challenger before a specific date. | © Riot Games

TheBausffs is one of the most well-known League of Legends streamers out there thanks to his unique top lane playstyle that somehow works wonders at high elo, but has often gotten him into trouble.

His goal for 2023 was to hit rank 1 Challenger by Match 16, 2023, but with only a few more days left, will he be able to hit that rank in time? 

LoL: TheBausffs Tries To Get Rank 1 By March 16

March 16 is just around the corner and TheBausffs, on his main account, looks to be far off from actually making his goal a reality. He's got multiple accounts, but is most famous on his main 'Thebausffs' which currently sits at Master 213 LP. 

Thankfully the Swede has two other accounts, one of whcih is Bosch Drill where he also sits in Master with 455 LP. 

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Finally, the account with the highest chance of reaching the number one rank is his third account Horse Tongue, which has reached Challenger with 1,294 LP currently according to This means he's in the top 25 of players on the EUW server. 

So, who stands in his way? Ranked first on the EUW server is none other than Oh "Noah" Hyeon-taek, with his account Noah7. Noah is the ADC for the Serbian Zero Tenacity and has reached the number one EUW spot with 1,772 LP. 

TheBausffs is close to hitting the number one milestone but with how unpredictable solo queue can be, as well as his playstyle, even a 64% win rate it'll be difficult to hit the goal of first on the EUW server. 

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