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LoL: Riot Looking To Make Mages Fun Again in the Mid Lane

More 13-02-2023 22:35
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Riot has made some announcements regarding their mid lane champions. | © Riot Games

Mages have not been the most fun champions in the game for a long time. Players in the mid lane are frustrated with them and they feel useless in comparison to their more mobile foes – assassins. 

That's why Riot Axes, the Lead Designer for Gameplay on League, has revealed some changes the team is looking to make in regard to mages coming in 2023. 

League of Legends Mages Need A Boost

It wasn't long ago that Dplus KIA mid laner Heo "ShowMaker" Su let out his frustrations on stream, talking about mid lane mages in League of Legends and how the role is no fun and feels completely underpowered. 

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At the start of the 2023 season Riot added in some new items for the role, but it seems that nothing has worked and mages continue to limp behind other champions in the mid lane. 

Riot Axes also acknowledged this in a recent Quick Gameplay Update where he wrote "mages have generally been falling in play rates and general satisfaction for a while." So, Riot is aware of the situation and will be trying to make some updates to the role. 

Many [mages] have moved to Support instead, but when we poll players on champion frustration, Mage supports are reported as among the most frustrating champions to play against in the entire game

Unfortunately, we don't know what Riot is going to do to keep mages in the mid lane and stop them from moving to the support role, but there are quite a few ideas floating around already, like "item satisfaction, tools to protect yourself as an immobile champion." 

Support Item Updates in LoL Season 13

Another important thing Riot is looking into this season will be itemization for enchanters, since they often feel like they have the least choice from all the roles available in the game. 

Due to the lack of item choice, the ones enchanters do make have to feel meaningful, so Riot will be looking to make that happen in the coming months. Will these changes help the meta? 

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