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LoL: "It's The Player Who Craves Victory Most" - Faker Reaches Another Milestone

Esports 30-03-2023 15:50
Faker vs DK LCK Spring
LoL: Faker is just built different. | © Riot Games

 Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok continues to make history as one of the best League of Legends players of all time and recently he has reached another milestone that no other player has done before him. He's the first non-LPL player to receive a Legend Card in the LoL Esports Manager game. 

Faker is unstoppable it seems and with his recent form, making the 2021 LoL World Championship semi-finals and the 2022 Worlds finals, it is hard to doubt his skill and dominance even at his old age – but as a boomer I shouldn't be calling him old. 

LoL: Faker First Non-LPL Player To Achieve This

The LoL Esports Manager is a manager game that is available for Chinese League of Legends fans. The game features LPL players and stars, wherein fans can manage their own League of Legends team and by gaining the right cards. 

Having been the best player in the world is tough, but how much is Faker even worth?

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The cards are updated in real-time depending on how well the players and their respective teams are doing. The game was announced during League of Legends 10-year anniversary and went into beta testing in China in 2022. So far the game has not been made available in other regions.  

The game features different cards with players and scores and ratings. With real-life data a players' card can also change. The game also features legacy players from previous seasons and during the 2022 World Championship even featured players outside of the LPL as well.  

  • Faker isn't just a great LoL player, but he also worked alongside Razer to bring a unique new gaming mouse to players!

Faker is celebrating his own 10-year anniversary as a League of Legends pro and it was recently announced that he would be receiving his own Legend Card in the LoL Esports Manage game. In an interview, translated by iCrystalization on Twitter, after the announcement Faker stated that he would love to build a team with former LPL teams and players he's faced in his long career, while also thanking the fans for all their support. 

When asked about what it takes for a player to be called a legend Faker simply stated that the player who craves victory the most should get the title. 

I think it's the player who craves victory most who can become a Legend Card player. A player who constantly improves and always craves victory, that's why I could become a Legend Card. And it's because of my good resulsts, and the support of the fans, that I can enjoy this glory. 

Faker's Legend Card has a rating of 104, making him the first non-LPL player to receive a Legend Card. Currently the game is only available in China, but there could be a chance that this manager game could move west for any LEC or LCS fans in the future. What cards and players would you want to receive? 

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