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New Soul Figher Metagame Will Give Players Taste of Project L

More 26-06-2023 18:45
Soul Fighter Nilah splash Wild Rift
Soul Figher will be a huge event this summer and we might get a sneak peek of Project L. | © Riot Games

The big summer event 'Soul Fighter' is trying to stir up the pot with some changes to events and how Riot has been executing them throughout the last few years. 

On June 26, 2023 Riot revealed the trailer for the event that is going to take place across multiple Riot IPs and one thing stuck out, especially for PC players. The metagame and how it will differ from the previous years when Riot held their big summer event. 

Soul Fighter Metagame: Mini Project L Revealed? 

Metagame in Soul Fighter event
This is the metagame for this event. | © Riot Games

The whole point of this skin line is to fight in giant arenas. Sounds epic and it sure is, but that's hard to do in a game like League of Legends. Sure, we're getting the new 2v2 game mode "Arena", but that isn't the same as a real life fighting game. 

Project L is still in development, but Riot have revealed that players will be able to fight in their own small fighting game through a metagame that will be part of the League of Legends client. 

Gone are the days where we play through a visual novel. Those were fine, but they got repetitive after three years, so this new metagame seems like a breath of fresh air for everyone involved. 

According to the trailer, players will be able to eanr rewards by participating in the metagame, so players will likely unlock emotes and other fun things. The event should hit the PBE on June 27, 2023 so we will know more about the rewards of the event then.

The PBE will last for three weeks, with Riot turning Patch 13.13 into a 3-week patch. So get ready for the action in LoL Patch 13.14 to finally go live!

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