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Project L at EVO when?

Project L Devs Outline Pro Play Potential In Riot's Fighting Game

More 31-03-2023 17:00
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Project L Could be at EVO in the future. | © EVO

New Project L information just got dropped and finally we have an overview of what a professional Project L scene could look like. Street Fighter pro Bruce "GamerBee" Hsiang, revealed some new information on his Twitter and we also got a first look at what Riot is thinking of doing for the professional scene. 

While those who attended the Project L reveal in Japan weren't allowed to film, those present were allowed to share what had been told and GamerBee let everyone know what Riot has planned for the professional scene in Project L. 

Project L Esports Will Become A Reality

According to Riot, they will use their knowledge of esports events and history, to create local leagues wherein players can make livable wages, rather than focus on big-money tournaments that other esports have. Riot wants to turn their Project L pros into stars, believing that this will give them more opportunity in the future through endorsements and sponsorships. 

These are some of the champions we want in Project L, who do you want to see? 

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Regions will have their own servers to connect players together when playing, meaning that online competition will also be easy, unlike other games which only feature P2P. 

Unlike with League of Legends, wherein Riot has the full rights to competition, and putting on tournaments requires organizers to work with Riot depending on the size, a different approach will be taken to Project L. Competition organizers will be able to have Project L events during the same event as other fighting games. 

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This could mean, that we will be able to see some of the best players face off at huge tournaments like EVO, which will be great for the fighting game and growing its reach. 

Riot To Focus On Game Ahead of Esports

It was also revealed that Riot is going to be making sure that the players are satisfied with the game and enjoy it before planning huge tournaments wherein it's the center of attention. The devs want to build an esports scene naturally around the game instead of forcing it. 

It seems like the game is in good hands and that we will be getting a decent and versatile esports scene for Project L in the future once the game is finally released. 

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