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Riftfeed Birthday Celebration: Participate in Our LoL Tournament!

RF LoL Tournament
One day we'll host all of this on a big stage! | © Riot Games

Riftfeed celebrates it's first anniversary! Our site went live one year ago, and what does that mean for you? Mark September 24, 2022 in your calendars, because on this day we'll host our own Riftfeed League of Legends Tournament sponsored by EURONICS! Starting at 10:00am CEST you and your team will square off against the other competitors and fight for a total of 500€ in prize money.

In this article we will provide you with all the necessary information about the tournament, the organizations, the prices and of course the overall procedure. I'm pretty sure, after learning about all of this you'll need no further motivation to give it your best and win it all!

Who Is Hosting the Tournament?

This tournament will be hosted by Twitch streamer Belkasu. This is especially important, since the registration for the tournament will be organized on her Discord server. So definitely join it if you're serious about competing for the big prize. If you might – for whatever crazy reason – still have any open questions about the tournament after carefully reading this article – her Discord will be the place to find answers for any of your questions. 

Even if you're not able to form a five-men (or women!) roster, you can make yourself noticed on Belkasu's Discord to maybe find a team that is still looking to fill an open roster spot. It's worth a try for sure!

How Will the Tournament Proceed?

Team registration will be taken care of with the help of op.gg-Links to prevent Smurf-Accounts joining in. Why? The team assembly is based on points, depending on which rank your account is currently in. I'll visualize it in a table to make it a bit more clear.

Most important: Your five starters are not allowed to have more than 105 points in total!


Iron 41
Silver 45
Gold 413
Platin 417

Platin 1

Diamond 423
Diamond 325
Diamond 227
Diamond 130
Master (0-100 LP)35
Master (100-200 LP)40
Master (200-250 LP)45

It's also possible to register one substitute player who will join your squad if one of your other team members are unable to participate. This substitute player can only be Gold or lower, though. However else you fill those 105 points is up to you. 

You can also form a squad with less than 105 points of course. Participating with a team consisting of a Master- and a Diamond-player will be allowed. It will also be possible to form at team consisting of several Diamond players and don't forget to sum up to no more than 105 points! Second grade algebra, you know.

If all teams are formed and registered, we plan to dive into Summoner's Rift on September 24, 2022 at 10:00am CEST! The best way to always stay up to date is to check out our tournament bracket. Nice thing about the rules is, that there is a "loser's bracket", just like the one they have in the LEC playoffs!

This means that even if you drop a game, you'll still be able to fight your way through the loser's bracet to compete for the podium!

What's In It For You?

This is where the fun begins, right? First off, the most important thing of all: The podium prizes. The first three places in our tournament are awared with prize money! The third-placed team will receive 100 Euro in total, number two will be awarded with 150 Euro and we'll put a nice green bank note on top for our winners – 250 Euro for the winning team!

Even if you want to stay laid-back and watch the action you're still in it to win it! Literally! If you tune in to Belkasu's stream you'll be able to win some prizes we'll give away together with EURONICS to improve your gaming setup at home!

Following products will be given away during the tournament stream:

I could definitely use some of those! We'll also announce how many of each of those products we'll give away shortly. So stop by again in a few days. Until then, I'll sum it up again: LoL tournament, September 24th, 10:00am CEST! Get up early! Registration on Belkasu's Discord server. If you want to watch – Belkasu's stream! First Class entertainment!

Keep that in mind! See you 'round.