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LEC Summer Playoffs 2022: New Kings of Europe Crowned

Esports 11-09-2022 20:07
Vit mad
LEC Summer Playoffs 2022 is soon here! | © Riot Games

The LEC Summer Playoffs 2022 are coming up. The top European teams are about to compete for the League of Legends European Champion title and for four World Championship 2022 seeds. We are here to give you information on all the dates, the schedule, and the teams.

It is soon time for the LEC Summer Playoffs 2022! Regular season is finally over and we know which team will join the competition of becoming the top team in the LEC and who will finally get a chance to compete amongst the best of the best in the League of Legends World championship.

In order to help you along the way, we are here to give you the answers to all the questions you might have for the LEC Playoffs 2022. We will provide you with information about the dates, the LEC Playoffs schedule and format, and which teams are currently qualified.

LEC Summer Playoffs 2022: Start and End Dates

The LEC Playoffs will begin on Friday, 26 August. After the Playoffs run is over, the LEC Summer Final is confirmed to take place on September 10-11.

Playoffs will be especially thrilling for Europe this season. This year, Europe has four seeds for the 2022 World Championship, and after a very close regular split, we are bound to be excited about the event.

LoL European Championship Playoffs: Schedule and Format

LEC Summer Playoffs 2022 will start off on Friday, 26 August with Rogue vs. MAD Lions. The following day, Saturday, 27 August, G2 Esports will meet Misfits, and the final match of the weekend, will be Fnatic vs. Excel. The looser of that game is eliminated from playoffs.

All matches in playoffs will be played in a best-of-five, and the format is split into two brackets: First, we have the winners bracket. Here, we will find the top four teams from the European regular season, G2 Esports, Mad Lions, Rogue and Misfits. Because G2 ended first in regular season, they decided to play against Misfits instead of Rogue.  

Secondly, we have the losers bracket. Here, we will find the fifth  and the sixth best team after the regular season playing against each other, Excel vs. Fnatic. If you lose one best-of-five in the losers bracket, you are out of playoffs.

LEC22 Schedule
LEC Summer Playoffs 2022 Schedule | © Riot Games

This is not the case if you are in the winners bracket. The teams in the winners bracket are only eliminated after losing two best-of-fives. Basically, if you loose the first game in the winners bracket, depending on where you were in in the regular season standings, you will either meet the winner of game one or game two in the loser bracket. For example, let's imagine a scenario where you finished fourth in regular split and end up losing in the winners bracket. If the other team that lose in winners bracket were over you in regular split, you will have to play in the second game of the loser brackets instead of the third game. 

Finally, if you won the first game of the winners bracket, but lost the second one, you will still have a chance to play yourself back in the last game of the losers bracket. If you won both games in the winners bracket, you will meet the team that managed to climb all the way out of the losers bracket in the finals.

Are you still confused about the LEC Playoffs format? Check this article out: 

LEC Playoffs 2022 - Teams Qualified

After a very close regular season, the teams qualified for LEC Summer Playoffs 2022 are finally set. Only six teams can make it to playoffs, and after a tie-breaker game between Vitality and Excel, Vitality is the final team to be eliminated from playoffs contention. Here are the final standings:

RankTeamChampionship PointsW-L


G2 Esports (Playoffs Winners Bracket)36

12 - 6


MAD Lions (Playoffs Winners Bracket)36

12 - 6


Rogue (Playoffs Winners Bracket)


11 - 7

4Misfits (Playoffs Winners Bracket)33

11 - 8

5Excel (Playoffs Losers Bracket)30

10 - 9

6Fnatic (Playoffs Losers Bracket)30

10 - 9

7Vitality (Eliminated)27

9 - 10

8Astralis (Eliminated)21

7 - 11

9SK Gaming (Eliminated)21

7 - 11

10Team BDS (Eliminated)9

3 - 15

LEC Summer Playoffs Bracket

Round 1



Rogue3MAD Lions2
27.08.2022G2 Esports3Misfits1

Round 2




Round 3



MAD Lions1Fnatic3

Semi Finals



Rogue0G2 Esports3

Rogue makes it into the finals against G2 Esports after a 4-game fiesta. Falling behind in the first game and coming back in the next 3, giving Fnatic no chance to make a comeback. Now, will Rogue be able to overcome their Finals curse and finally win their first LEC trophy?




G2 Esports0Rogue3

Rogue went 6 - 1, winning six games in a row throughout the finals' weekend to take the crown and become the champions of Europe. This is the orgs first time winning, after reaching the finals multiple times before. 

G2 had no answers for Rogue and the team swept the Spring Split Champions in a clean 3 - 0. 

The LEC Summer Playoffs 2022 Live-Stream

The LEC usually offers different ways to watch their competition and it is up to you to decide where you want to watch their broadcast. At this moment, you can choose between three different options:

With that, you know all there is to know about the LEC Summer Playoffs at this moment. We will, of course, update you with more information once it is out. 

Who do you think will be the European League of Legends champions?

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