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Riot Adds Anonymity to LoL Ranked Mode

More 05-11-2022 13:00
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Will you be anonymous in champ select? | © Riot Games

Riot is adding a new feature and it's currently being tested on the PBE server. In the future you will be able to be anonymous during champion select when playing ranked games. Is this a good idea though? 

Riot is cracking down on third party apps and one of those features is a loadout for champions of their own in the client. But, Riot is also going to add some new anonymity features that could help players feel more safe when playing solo queue. 


Riot To Add Champion Select Anonymity 

On the PBE server, the names of your teammates will be hidden. While right now this feature is in normal games, it'll move to live servers and be sued in solo/duo queue games, while not affect flex queue. 

Players won't know who they're teamed up with until they're actually in the game. Why is Riot adding such features though? Does it make any sense? Well, this is being done to combat stream sniping, dodging as well as try to cut down on some of the toxicity in the game. 

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This will also impact players who check out their teammates before a match on websites like They can then adjust their own picks according to what the other player is known for and good at. This will be nullified with the new anonymous option in solo and duo queue. 

This feature is currently being tested on the PBE and will be live throughout the preseason before it's rolled out onto the actual solo and duo queue sphere. Is this something that the League of Legends community needs though or is Riot just making themselves believe they're combatting toxicity this way? 

There are many more changes coming to League of Legends in the coming weeks so make sure to check out everything we know about the 2023 League of Legends preseason: 

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