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When will top lane be fixed?

Riot to Implement Top Lane Changes

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Will Riot make changes to the top lane? | © Riot Games

The top lane is an island. That's what most people say, with players choosing to play 1-vs-1 with the occasional jungle gank, instead of really playing together as a team. Well, it seems that Riot is finally listening to some disgruntled top lane mains, because there should be changes coming to the role. 

In a recent Twitter post by Lead Designer Riot PhRoXzOn one fan stated that they were quite unhappy with the current state of the top lane and Riot PhRoXzOn answered him stating that there are plans to make some changes to help top lane satisfaction. 

When to Expect the Top Lane Changes

In the same Tweet where Riot PhRoXzOn stated that top lane satisfaction was high on the balance team's priority list, they currently didn't have enough resources right now to implement any changes at the moment. He did state that come pre-season the balance team would look into the issue. 

Why Will Riot Only Tackle the Top Lane in Pre-Season? 

One of the main reasons why Riot is only going to be looking into the top lane and upping the satisfaction in this one role is due to resources, as already mentioned. Riot PhRoXzOn explained that even though there are 'easy' ways to fix this issue, those would only lead to more problems in the long run. 

So, to avoid the large collateral damage the team will be looking into the top lane during the pre-seasons to think of ways to make the role more attractive to players. The top lane is even considered to be one of the toughest roles in League of Legends, even streamer legend Tyler1 has said so before. 

What Could Riot Change in the Top Lane? 

There is a heavy debate between top lane mains. Tank players feel that their champions are completely useless while bruiser players complain that tanks deal too much damage. The recent changes to teleport have also left a bad taste in top lane mains mouths since this is a key summoner spell for them. 

Honestly, it seems like the TP changes from the Season 12 pre-season seem to have some of the biggest effect on the game. It made playing top lane much less impactful in the game and therefore ruined some of the fun play-making options top laners had before. 

Therefore, many players have suggested making some changes to the teleport summoner spell once more to give the top lane more agency. Some fans on Twitter even suggested randomizing the Rift Herald and first Dragon spawn point.