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More Hextech Augments?

Everything We Know About TFT Set 7

TFT Set 7
ASol in TFT Set 7? Yes please. | © Riot Games

TFT Set 7 has already been teased, but now Mortdog has revealed even more new information regarding the next TFT set. Don’t worry, TFT 6.5 is still here for a while, but we’re just going to go over a bit of information we have on TFT Set 7 already.

Which champions, which abilities and what items will we get to see in TFT set 7? Are some of our favorite champions coming back? Honestly, I miss the Spirit Blossom TFT set from years ago…

What Theme Will TFT Set 7 Have?

In a dev video in January 2022, it was revealed that the upcoming TFT set is going to be based around dragons and realms in which clans compete for power across several islands. It was also revealed that these ‘clans’ worship specific dragons.

Could we get to choose a dragon allegiance to worship, à la Pokémon Go style? That would be a neat new mechanic to add to the game, but I am not sure how that could or would influence the games at hand.

Which Champions Will Be in TFT Set 7?

In the official announcement video we only catch a glimpse of Illaoi as she smashes down her ultimate all around the board, tentacles everywhere – and no this isn’t some sick Hentai get your head out of the gutter.

But, there was a Chinese leak that has shown us a whole list of other champions that will likely also be part of the upcoming TFT set. This is a list of all champions found in the data leak:

  • Brand
  • Kai’Sa
  • Karma
  • Lee Sin
  • Sett
  • Thresh
  • Volibear
  • Yasuo

Interesting how these are all the Dragonmancer skins, right? We're only missing the original Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol and we're set. 

What Mechanics Will Be Included in TFT Set 7?

TFT Set 7 is going to bring back Armories according to Riot MortDog who recently revealed a bit of information while streaming. Armories was a type of mechanic which was included in Set 5 of TFT, which enhanced items, while also nerfing other stats on them – making them high risk, high reward.

The thing we’re working on for Set 7, I think will make a lot of people who miss Armory happy. And I also think it will do it in a healthier and more interesting way.

Ornn items also count as Amories items, so we could be seeing the return of Ornn to TFT as well – which could make sense with the Forge God playing a prominent role in the 2022 Season trailer.

Not only that, but Riot will focus on the aforementioned dragon mechanic which will likely resemble the current Hextech Augment system.

[We’re] building upon the community’s favorite, Hextech Augments, to bring a similar level of replayability and strategy in a world of dragons that are just as varied as the mechanic’s combinations.

Those are the things we know of TFT Set 7 already, are you excited for the upcoming age of the dragons, or do you prefer the current Neon Nights set? Which was your favorite TFT set thus far? 

When Will TFT Set 7 Be Released? 

The Set will likely be released in the summer of 2022 to celebrate the three-year anniversary of TFT. Who could believe that this game mode is already so old?