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This skin is a Jojo reference... right?

Wild Rift: Is The New Twisted Fate Skin A Jojo Reference?

More 01-03-2023 23:11
Glorious Armada Twisted Fate Wild Rift Skin
This skin is a Jojo reference... right? | © Riot Games

Wild Rift is getting more and more champions from League of Legends ported into it's game and also receiving many more unique skins that don't exist on the PC version. Now, the newest skin introduced has some fans foaming at the mouth. 

What is an anime that isn't gay, but is totally gay? Of course everyone would think Jojo right away, no? It's become one of the most popular anime thanks to its unique, and bizarre, story and characters.

We know Riot likes to make pop culture references and well... this skin is one big reference to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, right?

Wild Rift Twisted Fate Skin Has Fans Hyped

Twisted Fate, at least in League of Legends, is pretty boring to watch. Now imagine if he had a skin that reminded you of none other than Jotaro Kujo... well then he'd be the most interesting champion on the rift and well... he is getting a new skin, but in Wild Rift. 

Here are a few Jojo references we have found in LoL thus far:

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Glorius Armada Twisted Fate, not only has the splash looking like someone straight out from the pages of Hirohiko Araki's manga, but it also has some fun animations that just give it the dramatic Jojo flare that we wish Twisted Fate could have in League PC as well. 

The hat and colour scheme of the skin fit, and the backing animation gives us Josuke Higashikata vibes with the ending pose and all. While he doesn't have his own Stand, nor does he use his Hamon breathing to move the cards, it's a fun skin overall that hopefully does make it to LoL PC at some point. 

Riot have announced recently that they will be porting over some Wild Rift skins to League of Legends PC, namely the Redeemed Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan skins, along with Star Guardian Seraphine. So porting over this skin wouldn't be so hard, right? 

If you're curious about Wild Rift and the new content coming to the mobile version of League of Legends make sure to check out our sister website mobilematters for anything mobile gaming! 

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